Protestors Take Over City Hall

Protestors Take Over City Hall

( – For two weeks, protestors have taken to the streets and demanded cities issue police reforms. In many cases, bad actors used the demonstrations to commit criminal acts and violence. In Seattle, the mayor is now being targeted by activists who seem to be aching for anarchy.

On June 8, the Seattle Police Department closed a precinct and functionally abandoned a six-block area downtown. Protestors quickly moved in and declared the area the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.” The next day, hundreds of activists stormed City Hall and demanded Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) resign if she won’t defund law enforcement.

Seattle is far from the only city still experiencing unrest. Protests are still happening across the country. For the most part, they’ve been peaceful this week. Unfortunately, the damage left by the riots is devastating in cities all over America.

As for the problems in Seattle, where is the governor? Governor Jay Inslee and Mayor Durkan need to get their houses in order. To allow activists to declare the downtown area of a major city theirs is unimaginable. And the Democrats are just letting it happen. It’s mind-boggling.

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