Progressives Ramp Up Anti-Trump Ads

Progressives Ramp Up Anti-Trump Ads

( – Liberals have been complaining about how they think President Donald Trump has handled the COVID-19 pandemic. Progressives don’t just have a voice, though; they have a political platform from which to attack the president in the middle of a crisis. Pacronym, a progressive super PAC, has already dolled out $75 million alongside its ally Acronym in an attempt to counter Trump’s presidential campaign spending.

Now, Pacronym is spending another $800,000 in ads in battleground states this week attacking the president.

These ads will run on a variety of platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Pandora, and NBCU. Some of them are short video clips “slamming” the president by taking everything out of context. Here’s one where they dishonestly compare the success of Trump’s coronavirus briefings to a sporting event.

Trump’s ratings ARE good with his regular press briefings. But, the way this ad shows this information portrays a false image that the president seems to only care about ratings while people suffer from COVID-19. Obviously, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

This is the kind of liberal propaganda being pushed in battleground states as the POTUS works night and day to keep America safe. Don’t let anyone you know fall for this misinformation campaign.

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