Pro-Gun Activists Make a Stand

Pro-Gun Activists Make a Stand

( – The contrast between the quiet, marble-laden corridors inside the Richmond Capitol building and the roaring pro-Second Amendment crowd protesting outside couldn’t be starker.

A huge crowd gathered to speak out against some of the most restrictive gun regulation laws in the country that are slated to pass through Virginia’s legislative halls.

The thousands of pro-gun activists were joined by nearly a dozen conservative speakers and staunch Second Amendment supporters including:

  • Antonia Okafor, founder of the pro-gun organization EMPOWERED
  • Jan Morgan, founder of 2A Women
  • Sen. Amanda Chase (R-VA)
  • Erich Pratt, senior vice president of the Gun Owners of America organization
  • Sheriff Danny Diggs and Sheriff Scott Jenkins who know the importance of firearms

As expected, the crowd was peaceful and respectful of the on-duty police officers overseeing the rally. Democrats didn’t share this same sentiment before the rally began, though. They assumed that an armed populace was ready to storm the Capitol building.

The vast majority of gun owners are responsible and respectful as opposed to the crazed fanatics that Dems try to paint them as. This really is proof.

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