Pro-Biden Group Attacks With “Green” Ad Campaign

Pro-Biden Group Attacks With

( – With almost six months still to go until the 2020 presidential election, the type of campaign Joe Biden plans to fight is already becoming clear. Expect President Trump to come under attack from every direction, with many of the attacks not being obviously political in nature. First to open fire is an environmental group that, it claims, is just highlighting green issues. In fact, it has strong links to the Democratic Party and is backing Joe Biden for president.


The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) has become notorious for publishing “Dirty Dozen” lists of people who, it says, are enemies of the environment. This year it’s decided to put President Trump on that list and, just for good measure, label him “The dirtiest of all time.”

  • Like other environmentalists, the LCV’s main gripe is that President Trump wants America to be self-sufficient in energy and, at least in the short term, is relying on fossil fuels to do that. This is portrayed as environmental vandalism.
  • In fact, as conflicts in the Middle East and the coronavirus pandemic have shown, energy self-sufficiency is essential. Right now, renewables can’t achieve that with existing technology. They’re too expensive, some of them rely on resources we can only get from China, and they often cause a lot of environmental damage themselves.
  • The LCV’s anti-Trump campaign isn’t really about the environment; it’s about putting Joe Biden in the White House next year.
  • When the LCV was founded in 1968, it was billed as a non-partisan organization. In practice, however, it leans heavily to the Dems. One of its long-running projects is the National Environmental Scorecard, a list of members of Congress ranked by their voting record on the environment — or, at least, that’s how LCV says it’s ranked. However, Wall Street Journal editor Kimberley Strassel says “Democratic politics…is what really drives the league’s scorecard.”
  • Since 2012, the LCV has been ranked as the biggest-spending liberal pressure group that doesn’t disclose its donors. In the 2018 midterms, it spent more than $80 million supporting anti-Trump candidates.
  • Known LCV donors include the Advocacy Fund, which advocates for “social justice” (a.k.a. far-left politics) and human rights.

Now the LCV is working together with Priorities USA, the biggest of the super PACs supporting Biden’s campaign. It’s mailing swing voters and running attack ads aimed at smearing the president, and it’s doing it to get Biden elected. The LCV might say it’s a green group, but its real color is solid blue.

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