Private Security Company Quits in Seattle One Day After City Hires It

Private Security Company Quits in Seattle One Day After City Hires It

( – Seattle is one of several cities across the US that’s been experiencing sustained riots for months. In fact, at one point, violent agitators took over a six-block area, proclaiming it an “autonomous zone.” Although, it’s bad enough that anarchists have literally taken over part of the area again, it’s an addtional commentary that due to the unrestrained violence, a security firm quit guarding a city park after only one day.

According to a September 3 report by KOMO News, Seattle hired Jaguar Security to guard Cal Anderson Park. Guards were supposed to keep people off of the property between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m., but they were harrassed by more than 50 people on their first night on the job. Rather than engage, the police said to wait for  reinforcements.

The security company’s owner, Ricky McGhee, said although his employees were armed, they didn’t want to get into combat with the agitators, some of whom were threatening them with a variety of weapons and trying to blind the guards with bright flashlights in their eyes.

Recently, the Seattle PD shared a photo of some of the weapons they’d found in Cal Anderson Park, and it’s disturbing.

The security firm may go back to the park if it works out a reasonable plan to do so with the city. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump is looking at the federal funding Seattle receives to see if action can be taken there to force city leaders to restore order to its streets.

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