Prince EA Releases Controversial Video on Devil’s Influence on Society

( – A Missouri rapper has released a video that, he says, explores how the Devil would work to divide our society. The video, shot in a church, uses religious themes — but it’s actually a searing condemnation of politics and modern culture. It’s also hard to categorize because it attacks both sides of the political divide.

In 1965, ABC radio newsreader Paul Harvey delivered a monologue called “If I Were The Devil.” In the decades since then, his words, which warned of the dangers of 1960s liberal policies and causes, have turned out to be eerily prophetic. Harvey condemned drugs, pornography, the decline of religion and the rise of promiscuity; all of these take a heavy toll on our society today.

The old dangers Harvey spoke about have competition, though. The 21st Century has a lot of new hazards of its own, and that’s prompted Prince Ea (real name Richard Williams), a poet, rapper and motivational speaker from St Louis, Missouri, to create an updated version of Harvey’s masterpiece. In a slickly produced video filmed in a traditional church, Prince Ea runs through the whole grim catalog of social poisons we face in 2023.

The video starts by slamming the modern obsession with race, calling it a classic divide-and-conquer tactic. Ea also condemns virtue signaling, the rise of social media “influencers” and the obsession with getting attention, the relentless pushing of medication by our doctors and even the abundance of cheap but unhealthy food.

Much of the video is devoted to blasting woke ideology and shallow online culture, but there’s enough to upset Conservatives, too. Ea complained about “old, out of touch men” controlling women’s bodies, a clear reference to the Supreme Court’s repeal of Roe v Wade.

Overall it’s a powerful and thought-provoking video that almost everyone will view with a mix of agreement and annoyance. You almost certainly won’t agree with everything Ea says — but it’s hard to say he doesn’t have a point.

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