President Vows to Stop “Lawlessness”

President Vows to Stop

( – There’s been a lot of unrest in our country since George Floyd died while in police custody back in May. Unfortunately, agitators used his death to act like fools. They failed to realize who their president is and that he isn’t playing games with them.

On July 2, President Donald Trump posted a video message to Twitter and vowed to stop “lawlessness” in America. He said he’s “… not going to let it prevail any longer.” The commander-in-chief also pointed out the agitators started attacking Confederate statues but then they also began destroying monuments for leaders who stopped slavery. In other words, they just want to deface memorials, not further a cause.

This holiday weekend, the federal government is taking extra steps to preserve our history, so all Americans can enjoy Independence Day without worrying about violence and mayhem.

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