President Trump Reassures America

President Trump Re-Assures America

( – 2020 has been one of the most unique and trying years in modern US history. Pandemics, legal questions about some governor’s authority during a pandemic, and financial strains placed on millions of Americans through no fault of their own have put Americans on edge. Then it happened. At 1:00 am on Friday, October 2, President Trump told the nation he had contracted COVID-19.

By dinnertime on the east coast, the nation was captivated as President Trump emotionally tapped the railing of Marine One and headed to Walter Reed hospital. Throughout the weekend, the president tried to assure America that he was doing well and was on the road to recovery. On both Saturday and Sunday, he provided personal video updates on Twitter to tell the nation how he felt.

On Sunday afternoon, Trump offered the greatest assurance to the nation. He was feeling well enough to gather the motorcade for a quick drive to wave at well-wishers on the streets outside of the hospital. However, even as he sought to assure the nation that all was well, some took it as an opportunity to play politics. That’s despite the president’s medical team declaring the public, Secret Service agents, and himself safe for the quick trip.

Welcome to the ongoing saga known as the 2020 election. Let’s hope President Trump is healthy enough to return to the White House and campaign soon.

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