President Trump Has News For Terrorists

President Trump Has News For Terrorists

( – Downtown Seattle is turning into some kind of Liberal utopia. Far-Left activists managed to run the cops out of a six-block area, and they’ve declared it an “autonomous zone.” President Donald Trump is now taking a stand against it and the leaders who allowed it to happen.

During a June 11 interview with Fox News’ Harris Faulkner, the president said he isn’t going to allow the city to “be occupied by anarchists.” President Trump said if the local government doesn’t get it together and drive the alleged criminals out of the area, the US government is “going to straighten it out.”

The president has also tweeted about the situation.

How officials let thugs take over an entire section of their city is mind-blowing. Has there ever been a situation like this before? We can’t remember one. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) and Governor Jay Inslee (D) better sort it out quickly before President Trump does it for them.

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