President Trump Defends the Flag

President Trump Defends the Flag

( – A few years ago, NFL players across the league knelt during the national anthem. Americans, including President Donald Trump, were incredibly upset by the disrespect they showed for the flag. It finally stopped after team owners issued a policy requiring everyone on the field to stand. Nearly two years later, it looks like the controversy is being reignited and the president is once again defending our values.

Last week, Roger Goodell, commissioner of the NFL, apologized and said “we were wrong.” He went on to tell players that they were welcome to “peacefully protest.” President Trump does not agree and blasted the commissioner on Twitter.

The president doesn’t want players kneeling again while the national anthem plays. He, along with millions of Americans, understand the significance of the US flag. It’s more than a national symbol for many of us. It is the cloth that is draped across the coffins of military members when they die. Do players have a right under the Constitution to do it? Sure, but just because they can, doesn’t mean they should.


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