President Trump Calls on Courts and Legislatures to be Courageous

President Trump Calls on Courts and Legislatures to be Courageous

( – Over the last month, President Donald Trump and his legal team fought hard to prove that voter fraud occurred in conjunction with mail-in voting. Despite affidavits by poll workers, observers, and voters of wrongdoings, the courts have been reluctant to rule in favor of the president. He also discussed ideas about how to combat voting fraud with various governors and legislatures.

On Wednesday, December 9, Trump called on the Supreme Court and legislatures in battleground states to “have the courage” to overturn the election. Speaking at a COVID-19 vaccine event at the White House, the president said Joe Biden won the election because of “terrible” voter fraud. The president said if someone does what’s right, he will have a second term.

Recent Court Cases Don’t Go Trump’s Way

In battleground states, numerous court cases about voter fraud have not gone Trump’s way. The courts generally concur that Trump’s lawyers didn’t make a compelling case that enough voter fraud existed to overturn the election. The media often chooses to call the president’s claims baseless, or reporters say there is “no” evidence of fraud despite the fact there is evidence. Instead of listening, they’re too busy mocking.

The Amistad Project of the Thomas More Society has recorded numerous mail-in voter fraud incidents, and the list is growing. On December 4, it was reported that the legal non-profit filed lawsuits in multiple battleground states alleging illegal conduct by state and local officials contributed to 1.2 million potentially fraudulent ballots.

The courts generally shy away from controversial matters of this magnitude if they can be avoided. However, the question is not if there is voter fraud, but why are the courts unsympathetic towards protecting an election’s integrity?

Media Misrepresents Supreme Court

The chief role of the media is to present facts. However, on Tuesday, December 8, the Supreme Court rejected an immediate hearing of a case from Pennsylvania filed by a state representative claiming the Pennsylvania Constitution was not followed when creating mail-in voting policies. However, the high court did not reject the claim as suggested by the media. Instead, the court is allowing it to go through a normal judicial process.

Texas Files Suit

However, the point in Pennsylvania may be moot. Early this week, Texas filed a suit with the Supreme Court claiming election officials in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin violated the Constitution and ignored state laws during the pandemic and irreparably harmed the nation. It alleges the states expanding mail-in voting without the approval of the legislatures. Each state has shared power between Democratic governors and Republican legislatures.

As of the afternoon of December 9, 17 states have joined the suit. President Trump said the federal government would also join the suit to overturn 10 million votes they believe are illegal.

The question now is, will the Supreme Court of the United States have the courage to listen objectively to the claims?

We shall see.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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