President Supports Unpopular Form of Free Speech

President Supports Unpopular Form of Free Speech

( – The Confederate flag has been the subject of many conversations as of late. Mississippi removed the emblem from its flag. NASCAR banned it from all of its tracks. Now the military is discussing a ban as well. President Trump, however, does not support any of these actions.

On July 7, during an interview with Nexstar television, the president said he does not support Confederate flag bans because “it’s freedom of speech.” Trump explained if someone doesn’t want to display it, that’s their right. If another person does, they shouldn’t be stopped because it’s within their First Amendment rights. He made it clear businesses can set their own rules.

The president is right. People in this country can’t be stopped from displaying a flag. The First Amendment protects their right and the government cannot violate their personal freedoms. Period.


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