President Slams Revisions to History

President Slams Revisions to History

( – President Trump relaunched his campaign rallies Saturday with a blistering attack on radical leftists who’re trying to rewrite the nation’s history. Slamming activists as an “unhinged left-wing mob,” the president accused those pushing for the removal of statues and monuments of vandalism, desecration and censorship.

The Left is framing the assault on monuments as an attack on Confederate figures, but its scope is spreading fast. The Natural History Museum in New York is calling for the removal of a statue of Theodore Roosevelt, because, they claim, it depicts a “racial hierarchy.” Statues of Founding Fathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson have already been destroyed by mobs.

Democrat politicians, including Senators Cory Booker (D-NY) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY), have joined the calls for the removal of statues. President Trump is standing firm, though, and accused his opponents of censorship for trying to erase the history of this great country they don’t agree with.


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