President Launches ‘Monumental’ Holiday Weekend

President Launches 'Monumental' Holiday Weekend

( – Those on the far-left aren’t satisfied with destroying statues; now they’re even going after Mount Rushmore, claiming the famous monument symbolizes white supremacy. President Trump is defying their hysterical claims, though – and plans to start his Independence Day celebrations at the iconic mountain.


Mount Rushmore is facing criticism from left-wing activists who say the South Dakota memorial’s display of former presidents is racist.

  • Since the outbreak of Black Lives Matter protests began in late May, there’s been a growing clamor to destroy statues and monuments across the US. It started with Confederate generals, and now it’s expanded to include many former presidents – including Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln, both of whom are honored on Mt Rushmore.
  • Some campaigners say the monument is on land taken from the Lakota people and the depiction of the presidents imposes white supremacy. Others object to the fact that Jefferson owned slaves and Lincoln didn’t do enough to end slavery, apart from fighting the bloodiest war in US history over the issue.
  • Now, President Trump has announced a show of support for the memorial. His personal Independence Day program will begin at Mt Rushmore on Friday night, with a rally and firework display before returning to Washington, DC.
  • Trump says the Friday event will be particularly exciting for him. According to him “They used to do it many years ago, and for some reason they were unable or unallowed to do it… I opened it up and we’re going to have a tremendous July 3.”
  • Attendees at the rally will be screened for body temperature and masks will be available. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R) says the precautions in place will protect the state’s low rates of coronavirus infection.
  • However, Democrats have complained about the event for a variety of reasons. As well as claims about the COVID risk – which they never mention when thousands of leftists gather for a protest – the DNC repeated activist claims that the event is “glorifying white supremacy.”

Mt Rushmore attracts around two million visitors a year, making it South Dakota’s most popular tourist attraction. That, and its global fame, makes it an ideal place for a rally to commemorate US independence. Thousands of tickets have been distributed and it should be a great opportunity for the president’s supporters to see him in action.

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