Prayer Book Has Readers Ask God to Make Them Hate White People

Prayer Book Has Readers Ask God to Make Them Hate White People

( – Spare a thought for God. He has enough on His plate dealing with prayers for a lottery win, good weather for the Superbowl, or for that cop to miss seeing you running a red light. Now, on top of that, he has racists praying too. What are their prayers? Guidance to mend their ways, maybe? Forgiveness for their sins? No. They’re praying for God to make them even more racist.

The modern prayer book called “A Rhythm of Prayer” by Sarah Bessey is on sale through Target and Amazon and contains chapters authored by various people. This devotional has been surprising readers with a foul-tempered racist rant.

The vile chapter, titled “Prayer of a weary black woman,” begins, “Dear God, please help me to hate white people.” That’s followed by a scream of demented hatred almost four pages long – and it ends with a bio of author Chanequa Walker-Barnes, who is allegedly a psychologist, ecumenical minister, and “womanist theologian.” She’s also, very obviously, a racist.

Walker-Barnes might be asking God to help her hate white people, but if you read her verbal diarrhea, the truth is obvious: She already hates white people. So why aren’t liberals calling out HER racism?

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