Powerful George Soros-Linked Think Tank Stripped of Important License

Powerful George Soros-Linked Think Tank Stripped of Important License

(RightWing.org) – The Indian government has pulled a crucial financial license from an influential think tank, following claims it had broken funding rules. The Centre for Policy Research (CPR) has a wide range of foreign donors, but one name stands out. Like so many other left-wing activist and advocacy groups, it has links to billionaire financier George Soros.

The Delhi-based CPR was founded in 1973, and since then, it’s developed policy options for the Indian government and pushed for its ideas to be adopted. It’s also been involved in recruiting officials for various government departments. In 2015, Delhi police filed criminal charges against the group, alleging it was rigging exam results in favor of its preferred candidates for jobs with the Airports Authority of India (AAI); CPR’s recruitment examination team has since been shut down after the AAI banned it from conducting exams.

Meanwhile, CPR went on lobbying the Indian government, bankrolled by the usual list of activist billionaires and liberal colleges. Its major donors included the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Duke University. Then, last September, India’s Income Tax Department raided CPR’s headquarters as part of a national tax evasion probe. Officials suspected the organization had violated the 2010 “Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act” (FCRA). While the results of the raid haven’t been released, CPR’s FCRA license — which allows political groups to raise money from foreign donors — has been withdrawn.

One of CPR’s less well-known donors is Namati, Inc, which unlike Bill Gates or Duke University, isn’t a household name. However, it’s now emerged that Namati’s money comes from a much better-known source — Soros’s Open Society Foundation. Why would Soros use a front organization to channel money to CPR? Possibly because he and the Open Society Foundation are extremely unpopular in India after he was accused of trying to overthrow Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government last month.

The Hungarian-born financier sparked outrage after he got involved in a dispute between Modi and an Indian business group, but his funding of CPR was a much more covert attempt to influence the country’s government. It seems Soros just can’t resist the urge to meddle in other countries’ business.

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