Potential Immigration Czar Slams “Sanctuary” Cities

Sanctuary City of Chicago

One of the issues that’s caused the most trouble for President Trump is immigration. Ever since he was elected, he’s had to fight to get funding for his flagship project: the wall that will protect our southern border. The problems with keeping immigration safe and controlled don’t stop at the border, though; the Democrats are protecting illegals who’ve made it into the country. But, if we’re lucky, that might be about to change.


One of the government positions the president controls is the immigration czar, who takes the lead on everything to do with immigration — and right now that job is vacant. President Trump’s nominee for the post is Tom Homan, who’s already a boogeyman for many Democrats because he used to be the acting director of ICE. Sure, that makes him an expert on immigration; the Left’s problem is that he knows some immigrants don’t deserve to be in our country. Now he’s written an explosive op-ed aimed squarely at a favorite Dem policy — the so-called “sanctuary cities.”

  • “Sanctuary” advocates say it’s bad for the legal system to let ICE detain suspected illegals in courthouses. They claim this makes witnesses, or even victims of crime, afraid to contact law enforcement. Homan points out that this is rubbish; there’s a whole category of special visas — the U Visa — for illegals who are victims or witnesses. They just need to apply.
  • The Left likes to claim that sanctuary policies protect immigrant communities. Never mind that immigrant communities are a terrible idea; legal immigrants should integrate into mainstream American society as fast as they can. Homan says the evidence shows that when illegals get out of jail, they often go right back to committing crimes — usually in the community where they live. Sanctuary policies prevent ICE deporting illegals who’ve been jailed by local law enforcement.
  • The truth is, Homan explained, that protecting illegals from ICE doesn’t benefit anyone except the illegals. Citizens and immigrants with a right to be in the US, become victims of the criminals who live among them — and can’t be removed because sanctuary policies won’t let ICE do their jobs.
  • “Sanctuary” cities, says Homan, “are un-American, undermine public safety, put the public in harm’s way and make life harder and more dangerous for law enforcement.” All the evidence says he’s right, and it’s a good thing President Trump has started to push back against these misguided and lethal policies.