Will There Be a DNC Debate in December? Does Anyone Care?

Potential Disruption for Next DNC Debate

All of the DNC presidential debates thus far have been, in one way or another, an embarrassment for the Democrats. This was especially true regarding the October and November debates. At the very least, jokes and gaffs aside, we’ve been able to talk about these spectacles.

Now, it’s even questionable if the December debate is even going to occur due to a labor dispute at the venue hosting the event.

The next debate is being organized by PBS NewsHour, Politico and CNN, and hosted at Loyola Marymount University. Unite Here Local 11 is representing service workers at the university as they protest against how they’re treated by their employers. Sanders and Warren made a huge deal about not crossing the picket line to attend the debate, and now other candidates are following suit.

Since there is now a tentative settlement in place, is the debate on or off?

Whether or not the next DNC debate happens at all is largely inconsequential. Still, it’s amusing to keep an eye out for what those silly Democrats are up to now.

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  1. NOBODY GIVES A DAMN- you could throw ALL of the “candidates” (laughable !! ) in a bag and shake them up and STILL WOULDN’T have one that has A CLUE about how to lead our country !!!

  2. Democrats! A wicked disgrace to America. Shameful by every measure. Thay became political agitators appealing to the basic instincts of the mob. They have deceived their constituents back home. Three years and millions of taxpayer money to produce verbal attacks reinforced by lies insults and hateful name-calling directed at our president. A man that has in the course of three years has single-handedly brought America back to governing for the people.

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