Pope Calls for Unity Over Vengeance

Mozambique has suffered through a 16-year civil war until the rebels and the country’s government signed a peace treaty a month ago. In an effort to help solidify the peace, Pope Francis paid a visit to the nation and gave a speech at Zimpeto Stadium where about 60,000 attendees congregated. Francis urged the citizens to never cease striving for peace and to do away with vengeance moving forward.

Mozambique still has tough times ahead before it sees true peace. Most of the country is Christian or Catholic while 20% of the population is Muslim. While there’s a very small atheist presence across all African countries, Mozambique still witnesses the destructive power of religious intolerance on a daily basis. The country is now dealing with jihadist strikes that seek to destabilize the already fragile peace treaty.

No family, no group of neighbors or ethnic group and even less no country has a future if the motor that unites them… is composed of vengeance and hatred.

-Pope Francis

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