Pompeo to Cancel Senate Bid

Pompeo to Cancel Senate Bid

In December, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated his consideration to run for a Kansas Senate seat. At the time, that course of action seemed to be the best allocation of Pompeo’s expertise and loyalty to President Trump. Now, with a potential major conflict brewing with Iran, Pompeo has decided that his skill set is best put to use in his current position.

While Pompeo would make a strong member of the Senate, recent events have shifted his priorities. Some government officials believe that it would be “irresponsible” for Pompeo to vacate his current position.

A change in priorities is understandable given the current situation in the Middle East, but, unfortunately, this leaves one of Kansas’ Senate seats open to contest. Republicans may have their Senate majority status threatened due to this change. Several Republicans are contending for the seat, but Democrats are rallying behind Barbara Bollier, a former GOP state senator who flipped blue just over one year ago.

Although Pompeo’s abandonment of his Senate bid is untimely, he has always done and will continue to do, an excellent job in the White House.

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