Pompeo Signals Tougher Line on Iran

Pompeo Signals Tougher Line on Iran

Following Iran’s latest attack on an unmanned American surveillance plane, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told CBS that the latest round of US sanctions on the rogue state will help prevent “exactly the type of strike we’ve seen.”

President Trump has faced criticism from the EU and many on the left for tightening sanctions — some say he’s increasing tension in the region. The reality is that Iran is increasing the tension, and Trump is working hard to reduce their ability to make mischief.

Liberals want the administration to stick with Obama’s flawed nuclear deal, which rewards the Ayatollahs for slowing down their nuclear research programs. Meanwhile, they’re increasingly flexing their conventional military muscles. In addition to attacks on US drones, they’ve also used their own drones to raid Saudi oil fields, causing a large drop in production.

No matter what you think of Saudi Arabia, damaging their oil fields can have a catastrophic effect on the global economy. Pompeo says tough action by the US — like what we’re seeing from President Trump — will force Iran to behave better.


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