Pompeo: Attacks on Saudi Oil Facility Are an “Act of War”

Pompeo: Attacks on Saudi Oil Facility Is an

US intelligence officials claim that evidence proving Iran was behind the recent Saudi oil facility strike is piling up. In light of this, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is calling Iran’s actions an “act of war” according to FOX reporters.

Part of the evidence being amassed includes debris of weapons that appear to be of Iranian origin found in the oil facility ruins. In response to these allegations, Iran says they played no part in the attack. A group in Yemen claimed responsibility, but it’s unknown if they have the military capability for this sort of attack.

Iran has been difficult (at best) to trust, as demonstrated by history. So, President Trump has ordered an increase in sanctions against Iran for their alleged actions. Investigations are still underway, but it’s doubtful that anyone but Iran was responsible for this attack.

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