Poll Shows SCOTUS More Popular Than Dems Want to Admit

Poll Shows SCOTUS More Popular Than Dems Want to Admit
Photo Courtesy of Supremecourt.gov

(RightWing.org) – A new poll on the popularity of leading government figures will have the Democrats seriously worried. It turns out, the most popular branch of the federal government is the most conservative.

Last year, President Biden appointed a commission to evaluate expanding the Supreme Court – in other words, packing it with Liberal justices who could outvote the current conservative majority. The commission refused to recommend increasing the number of Justices, handing the problem back to the administration. So far, Biden hasn’t made any move, and the latest polling data makes it unlikely he’ll try.

A December 16 Gallup poll found that the most popular federal leader, with a 60% approval rating, is Chief Justice John Roberts. Meanwhile, the president, vice-president, House Speaker, Senate majority leader and House and Senate minority leaders all have negative approval ratings. Speaker Pelosi (D-CA), Senator McConnell (R-KY) and President Biden are the bottom three.

The leftist response to the poll was explosive. In the New York Magazine, liberal journalist Eric Levitz ranted that the court’s popularity could have “dire” consequences for democracy. Unfortunately for him, it seems the American people don’t see the Supreme Court the same way he does. For Liberals, the court is an obstacle to getting their way. For the rest of us, it’s a defender of our rights.

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