Poll: Should the Government Assist With Child Care Expenses?

Poll: Should the Government Assist With Child Care Expenses?

Here’s the Background Story:

America’s economy is changing, which means workers must adapt. Many American households have two income providers, there are more moms in the workplace, and more people take up gig jobs like Uber to pay the bills. The end result is that there’s not much time left at the end of the day.

For families, that means less time available for parents to take care of their children. There are a number of potential solutions to this problem. One of them, which is getting more consideration among working-class families, is government-assisted child care programs.

Here Are the Contributing Factors:

Ivanka Trump has paid close attention to this issue. She listens and takes notes in roundtable conversations across the nation where parents, employers and daycare providers share their views on the matter. As Ivanka states:

“It’s a travesty that we are the only country in the developed world without a policy to support parents and families. It’s an area that we just needed to do better.”


-Ivanka Trump

According to her research, Ivanka identified some key issues that each group has.

  • Parents are concerned about the high cost of child care, which sometimes means one parent stays home full-time. This reduces potential workforce participation rates.
  • Employers and their employees are largely constrained to traditional work hours that aren’t conducive to accommodating child care schedules.
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  • Providers must deal with carefully guiding parents through the mountains of paperwork for subsidies and grants when they apply for child care. This takes away from crucial activities like education and family time.

There are also general issues that extend to all parties partaking in child care programs. Many parents are unable to afford quality programs, caregivers often earn incomes below the poverty line and the industry as a whole is a high-risk, low-profit margin business.

Legislative forces must also be considered. Business lobbyists often advocate against federally-funded child care programs because of the taxes such a policy would impose. Additionally, companies would prefer to use child care and paid maternal leave as a recruitment incentive, not as something every citizen is entitled to.

Finally, cultural issues also play a significant role in the prevention of federally-mandated child care programs. Many Americans believe that a traditional household is the best recipe for success, so stay-at-home moms are often seen in a highly positive light. There’s also a worry among Americans that having the government pay for child care incentivizes parents to work as opposed to spending quality time with their kids.


Poll: Should the Government Assist With Child Care Expenses?

18% Voted Yes

82% Voted No

What Do You Think?

There are many intersecting variables when debating the pros and cons of a federally-funded child care program. With all of that said, do you think the government should assist with funding child care programs?

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  1. Does it really take a Village to support a baby?
    Very expensive diapers?
    My father would not except welfare, I may have been hungry then.
    But I am proud now.
    Diapers were Washed Rags.
    Use your head not.

  2. No if you can’t support children don’t have them. Years ago parents supported their children and that is how it should be today. Enough Government support for everything people choose to do.

  3. No . If you can’t afford to support them then don’t have them. This will be like other programs *** abused. There will be children being cared for so the parents have free time.

  4. No, the government needs to stay out. It is only another form of socialism. This is best left as an incentive for companies in hiring.

  5. We, American citizen will be much better if we would abolish todays government.Government make our life very miserable.

  6. No. No the government should not assist with funding child care programs. We have not the money-the Federal Gov. is 22-23 TRILLION in debt…we need to cut down on Gov. programs as we can not afford them. Congress does not care as to The Taxpayers Debt, they are only concerned with their programs and the votes it may bring to them. President Trump should have vetoed Congress funding they recently made, over a TRILLION dollars=AGAIN. It is you and I who pay, not those in Congress, not those in the Government.

    • I agree, no. Women on welfare get many, many more FREE things from our hard-working taxes. The government already provides birth control free (monthly pills or simply 1 monthly shot, for which relatively few choose to use. If the government & others are truly concerned about “Global Warming”, the over abundance of babies born each year certainly is a major problem to that problem.

      Also, free child care is for women who “choose to WORK”. Far too many women choose to produce a baby every 10 months. Hard-working mothers, who pay taxes AND child care fees are never considered for any financially assistance.

      It is time that our elected officials STOP funding people who “Choose NOT to work, STOP bringing/letting them illegally slip into our country, stop sending millions, billions of our dollars to ANY country outside of the USA. Most would not lift a finger, much less a gun to help us.

      Read every single word in our Constitution & our Bill of Rights, do they mention “undocumented immigrants” {illegal aliens} have all the rights legal citizens have- thus are not protected by them. The USA is letting in, and financing the needs of people who want to be like their country , never will learn our language, never will live by our laws.

      Again I ask, “When will our elected officials think about the needs of America’s hard-working middle class citizens again?”

    • Parents should be charged according to there income justlike Medicaid’s but only give tax breaks to child care provider! Parents submit paystub or current w2 and full written budget! People don’t want free but they don’t want over charged either!


    • My mother and father both worked growing up. We had a baby sitter but it’s not my parents.
      It both parents who should teach their children right front wrong.
      Disrespectful child would get a face slapped and I deserved it . Parents are to lazy today to instill manners in their children and they are out of control and this is our future of lazy useless human being.

  8. another free , socialist -like benefit. Can’t afford children, don’t have any. It’s another drain on the economy and shares cost with people who don’t have children.
    Another thought, how to trust your child’s care to others has always been a problem.

  9. no the govt. should not be involved in child are let the parents decide if they can support chrildren & make a decision based on their ability to provide

  10. No,only in illness.or in school.T hat’s why so many doesn’t marry ,and have more than 1 child .Father and mother want. the money and. for the children. Its called socialism. I’ve seen lots of it having taught 23 years. No one cares for your child like a loving parent.Once a women Dr adveritised in newspaper for a sitter of 3 small children one a new born. She had no idea who who would apply for the job anyone could give an recommendtion.Would she give them her expensive car her ,check book to her bank?? The answer NO! Yet leave her babies with anyone she really didn’t know???

  11. No child should be neglected but the 1st RESPONSIBILITY is the parents. Everyone has a RESPONSIBILITY to be self-sufficient which includes working & living within your means. If not, why should everyone else pay your bills?THIS DEFINES THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SOCIALISM & CHARITY.

  12. NO, I do not think government should fund child care programs.

    I prefer ALL adults who assume the responsibility of raising our country’s next generation to be subsidized for this work. The adults would be free to decide how to spend this subsidy – paying either for professional child care or offsetting the expenses incurred by a parent not working an outside job.

    It is unfair to tax the one-income family to pay for the family who want two incomes.

  13. It POSSIBLY could work if a NUMBER of things were worked out BUSINESS WISE – and that would be the biggest challenge. As far as PAYING for a program then divide the cost proportionately among The companies that would offer it , Federal subsidies , and the Employees that uses the program. This might work for larger company employers . The government could use the money they’re (and we as taxpayers) saving getting people off welfare and Food Stamps.

  14. If you want to raise a family, then you should have to be the one to support and take care of them, not the government, the government should not be giving health care or drivers to people that are in the country illegally. #STOPTHEBULL$#!T

  15. Single worker families can’t afford to work without daycare assistance. They will become unemployed and totally dependent on government assistance. 2 worker families may divorce so one can become dependent on government assistance and the other eventually may return. The trauma the family experiences is irreversible.

    • I was a single parent family. I never asked for a handout. I worked two jobs to make ends meet, and we functioned on a very tight budget. I went without a cell phone, cable TV, and vacations. We had simple fun, like picnics in a park, board games, etc.
      If folks want to have children, they need to be prepared to sacrifice other things for them.

  16. At minimum, the mom, or dad, should care for the child for the first two years (until potty trained). Then I really couldn’t agree to the government taking over. Indoctrination is bad enough already.

  17. No we the tax payer are all ready paying for way to many welfare programs now. We can not keep going on like this. We owe to much

  18. It is many time said that a child learns more in the first 5-6 years of their life. This time in their life is the most important time for them to be nurtured & held in the ares of especially their Mother, or possibly their father. This article talks about work & the work place, and indicates that both parents need to work to support a household.
    The primary reason both need to work is to support a LIFESTYLE. When people learn to live with what they need, rather than adding in all the WANTS, in many cases one working parent can support the household. Having children is a choice made by two people & those two people need to support their family. It SHOULD NOT be the responsibility of the rest of the American workers to support child care for the children of others with their TAX DOLLARS. Families get a deduction for each child & if they have a number of children the deduction increases. It certainly isn’t fair that anyone that doesn’t have children is faced with a TAX BURDEN to ay for child care of those who choose to have children.

  19. Many years ago I had a handicapped child. I received absolutely no support from the government, in fact I had to make a long trip every day to a facility that tried to help him, when I tried to claim a deduction on my income tax, no was the answer. In addition later we had to put him into a home because we could not handle all the problems he presented with the other children, we paid the monthly price, no help there. It is lovely to want to help and some really need it, but it is given too freely. That is why there is so much expectation of what “I deserve” today.

  20. No the government should not help families with childcare expenses! If they have children, then it is your responsibility to pay for them!

  21. The Problem isn’t paid Child Care, it is the “ABUSE OF IT”, there is much abuse , where the parent lets the child at Child Care and then that parent “isn’t really working anywhere at all, it is their “baby sitter” while they go and do nothing at all , but just has a nice day on “we the taxpayers” . I agree with help, but these people need too “PROVE THEY ARE WORKING” !

  22. The decision for have or not child’s is individual for everyone. If you know that your income isn’t support child’s use pills, condon or other way to protection.
    The reality is government never be promotes “have child’s and We support their”.

  23. It would be very helpful if business and industry would provide onsite childcare. The child would be close to his parent, and the parent would have better access to the care given to the child. Also, the hours of care would then be consistent with the hours of work. This could also be available for shift work. A great advantage for workers and employers.

  24. We assist so many other countries with millions of dollars in aid, so why not have some of that money to help our own people with young children! Of course the aid should be means tested so that only the ones needing the aid receives the aid! One multi-millionaire getting help with child care expenses will give the program a black eye!

  25. There are times when people who really want to work can’t sustain a household. When people are sincere, they should be helped. I wholeheartedly agree with Ivanka Trump’s program. Besides, unless you really have a low standard for living, you cannot be really helped by programs that are not adequate. Temporary help should not be withheld when people need it. The able-bodied should be trained for realistic jobs so that they can realistically provide for themselves and their families. I also think that it is imperative that a requirement for multi-counseling be provided where people have issues and/or have otherwise lost the desire/ability to provide a productive environment for themselves and/or their families.

  26. People should not be rewarded for making people. No one is doing society a favor by making people. People must stop making people they cannot take care of. It is an obsession for attention not love of children.

  27. I am sure there is concern about the costs involved for child care for working parents. It is a shame that parents feel the need to have everything available in worldly goods but having at least one parent stay at home is far more beneficial to any child. I, for one, worked part time and depended on my mother to care for my two children. When she had other plans, I hired a private sitter in my home. I cooked from scratch so that I didn’t pay the inflated costs or prepared foods. I realize I did all sorts of things to pinch pennies and my children didn’t have every new toy on the market. I also sewed for myself as well as for my two sons. We made it and I continue to pinch my pennies but I am at an age where my concern is the exorbitant costs of the prescriptions I need. I have enough arthritis that I cannot make clothing for myself nor make curtains and draperies as I formerly did. My sons have done well managing their own incomes so it didn’t harm them to eat from the salad bar rather than to order more expensive items in a restaurant. I think interaction on a personal level playing string games, etc. and making less costly choices does not harm a child at all. What’s more – if child care personnel are of the same caliber as workers in fast food places, they would not be very capable of providing adequate care for a number of children. It is pathetic that our schools do not educate students to make change or to listen to the customers attentively enough to serve the food items ordered by the customers. Perhaps we all need to slow down and attend to our own needs rather than half heartedly working in order to spend, spend, spend!

  28. China has no problem with NO child assisted programs,
    maybe we should study their ways,
    for here we have children having babies and the gov supports them, what about people on SS who have paid in all their working years and get back just enough to barely live on while others have hair and nails done, free food, free or little to nothing rent,


  30. If our Gvmt pays for everything? Our taxes will go thru the roof. Only difference is? Rich people don’t pay alot of taxes?

  31. Medicaid and Food Stamps started off Great! No child suffered. But, kids started coming out like baby rabbits? The more kids? The more Hardworking taxpayer’s money goes to rewarding money for sex, for kids? Where hard working money goes more for someone’s else’s excitement? Not one day, one week, one month? Wow, if it works? Don’t stop.

    • I feel for single parents, but some of the women had children with men that they should not have, make better choices.

  32. Ultimately, choices such as having 0-10 children, use of drugs, alcohol and or tobacco are personal decisions and therefore personal responsibilities. While there are some charities available to assist in the results of such decisions there should not be specific dedicated pubic support.

  33. No I do not. They are being stupid. How will the government pay for it? They will raise taxes again. Where is this coming from. If you want kids, then I say you must pay for them. Get real our government is broke now.

  34. I would reduce the salary and benefits of our Senators and House members and utilize those funds to pay for Child Care Expenses.

  35. No federal funded childcare program she be allowed. If a family chooses to have children then they should be held accountable for the child or children’s livelihood and future from birth until they are able to leave their parents home. This process helps children to understand what responsibility is as they grow up. All children do not need to go to college some children can make A very good living working a job that does not require a college degree. When a family starts out expecting a handout they will continue to expect it and that mindset is transferred to their children.

  36. Our government should not have the burden of providing child care payments. This should be something that workers should be lobbying employers to do or finding ways for one of the parents to stay home with the children. Taking money via taxes from childless people to pay for child care is socialistic and should not be even considered.

  37. No, we did what we had to do when our children were young. Why is it that we have to give everything to this generation? Do they not have to learn or work towards anything. Why is there never anything given to older generations? This is getting ridiculous!!!

  38. “The government cannot give anything to anyone without first taking it from someone else.”–Thomas Jefferson

    “What someone receives without working for, someone else must work for without receiving.”–Thomas Jefferson

  39. “The government cannot give anything to anyone without first taking it from someone else.”–Thomas Jefferson

    “What someone receives without working for, someone else must work for without receiving.”–Thomas Jefferson

  40. No. Just one more right that the taxpayer to be on the hook for. We must look for ways to reduce government spending, not increase it. Anyone that has dealt with Section 8 Housing, Aid to Dependent Children or other such programs understand how they usually morph into huge liabilities and are subject to corruption and fraud.
    This is a Democrat type program that eventually costs much more than it is worth.

  41. It is not the government’s responsibility to pay for child care expenses. That’s the parent’s responsibility.

  42. I am 66 years old I have two children I am a retired firefighter and my wife was a Nurse we were able to take care of our children by adjusting schedules and working where one of us was with our children at all times and if I needed a babysitter I paid for it out of MY POCKET so why should my tax dollars go to pay for child care for someone else we did it on our own why can’t everyone else!

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  44. NO. Government has already abused their powers beyond recall. Private charities are better at it, cost far less, less prone to abuse & being abused & more accountable than government can ever be.

  45. You choose to procreate, it is your responsibility to be able to provide! Why should my tax dollars pay for your childcare when I myself never had children? Those who keep cranking them out without a care will be circling the block for entitlements and that is just WRONG!

  46. No I do not. The elderly don’t get any help. All they get is them destroying social security and Medicare. The elderly don’t get what they put into social security and now you want the government to pay for daycare. Let the parents stay home and raise their kids so their aren’t so many juveniles in the world.

  47. HELL NO, It’s the “parents” responsibility to raise their children and not depend on another “government hand-out” to take care of the expenses.

  48. Government needs to assist in child care expenses based on need. Public schools funded by the government should include preschool, so the children begin school at age of 4. This is a program found in China where they understand the importance of education. Not only would this keep American students competitive with other countries, but it would provide the working parents with an additional year of paid child care while their children attend government funded preschool.

    • Hell no! The kids today are more stupid then the ones before them! Tax money is being wasted on schools because they don’t teach these kids shit! They can’t even sign their name! NO MORE free hand outs from our greedy government! Get off their lazy asses and get a job! Keep your damn legs together!

  49. Why is the government expected to do everything for everyone? Who’s going to pay for all the freebies? Suck it up and take responsibility and care for yourself and your family!

  50. The government would do many young families a big favor by letting the young deduct child care expenses on their tax forms.

    • They do! All year long they get tax brakes and at the end they get more. My niece had two boys and she was working but she got a lot of government freebies. When she got her tax refund it was close to 10,000.00 and she never came close to paying that in! She was making 11.50 an hour! Figure that one out! A mother with one child gets 1000.00 dollars a month on food stamps; she can’t afford to pay for her own food but her sixteen year old son was wearing 500.00 dollar Nike tennis shoes! And she doesn’t work! Hell I don’t even bring home 1000.00 a month being on disability.

  51. This is the families responsibility and not our governments. One needs to know that they should only have children if and when they can affort them.

  52. If the program allows the parents to select the care giver and care for the child in the parents home when both parents are at work and collectively have an income below the poverty line it would be a distinct benefit for both the child and parents. But if the care givers are employed by a facility that has many children in one facility and the parents have no control over the background checks on the care givers it will be a receipt for disaster. Such facilities are magnets for pedophiles and other shady characters as the history of such private run facilities have shown

  53. nothing is free. we raised 3 kids and paid for any necessary child care. Having the government involved will add more taxes. I don’t want my taxes raised because other people can’t take care of their kids. Raise the taxes for people getting free child care. You can’t afford child care then don’t spit out kids for others to pay for.

  54. It is more socialism. If we take money from government they will exert more and more control. I empathize with young working mothers, but if you want what good child care that is available to be reduced to the lowest level, involve the government.

  55. Had to pay for mine. Don’t relish supporting any more children. Don’t have them if you can]t support them in the way you want.

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