Poll: Should the Electoral College Be Abolished?

Poll: Should the Electoral College Be Abolished?
Poll: Should the Electoral College Be Abolished?

Here’s the Background Story:

Candidates are gearing up for the 2020 election now, and that includes choosing their electors. Soon, we’ll be seeing complaints about the electoral college and how it has outlived its usefulness. Or, depending on where you go, you might see those expressing relief that the electoral college is in place.

Here Are the Contributing Factors:

Many Americans don’t understand what the electoral college does or how it works. Some don’t even realize it isn’t a place, but a process. We thought a bit of background might help.

The electoral college is really what Americans are voting for when they go to the polls. Each presidential candidate chooses their elector. When you go to the polls and cast your vote for the candidate you think is best suited to sit in the Oval Office, you’re really voting for their chosen elector. There are a few different reasons this process is in place.

First of all, when the Constitution was written, communication was a far cry from what it is today. In fact, it was so slow going that some southern states continued to keep slaves long after slavery was abolished, simply because they had not gotten the news in a timely manner. But that’s really a small part of the issue. Even then, it stands to reason that if people could make it to the polls and cast their vote for an elector in a timely manner, they could do the same for their candidate, which is really what most thought they were doing anyhow.

The more important reason the electoral college exists really comes down to the issues. For those who don’t spend their time immersed in legalities and politics, elections tend to come down to a couple of issues. That’s why people vote for candidates who push the issues they’re interested in, without realizing they might also be voting for issues they weren’t even aware of. The electors are supposed to be better informed about all of the elements at hand, rather than just one or two.

You might think of it like a restaurant. Maybe you’re strictly a steak and potato person, but that doesn’t mean you can run the grill. The guy who knows how to cook everything on the menu is the one you want in the kitchen because while you might love the steak, he’s got some serious issues going on with the stir fry.

Has the electoral college outlived its usefulness? It’s possible. When you consider that an entire country is putting their faith in just 538 people to make the choice that’s best for the country, it can make citizens feel like their vote really doesn’t matter. The truth is, it may matter more than ever as people now have the technology to be better informed and educated on current issues than ever before in history.

This Is What Other People Think:

Poll: Should the Electoral College Be Abolished?

7% Voted Yes

93% Voted No

What Do You Think?

We don’t know how this poll is going to finally end, but we do think that knowing how Americans really feel about it is important, and this is one place where you can rest assured that you can represent yourself and your opinions!

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