Poll Results: Should Taxpayers Pay for the Wall?

Poll: Should Taxpayers Pay for the Wall?
Poll: Should Taxpayers Pay for the Wall?

Here’s the Background Story:

One of President Trump’s most controversial campaign promises was to build a border wall between the US and Mexico. The Liberals were fighting the very idea from day one, so we can safely assume they want no part of taxpayers pitching in. But what do you think? Should taxpayers fund the border wall?

Here Are the Contributing Factors:

President Trump has given us real numbers, stating that immigration policies cost taxpayers $300 billion a year, with one study showing that the bulk of the cost is from supporting incoming immigrants, as opposed to future generations they create while they are here. Basically, taxpayers are already paying for immigration, with no end in sight.

The border wall is a costly preventative measure that could reduce those costs over time. Since most of us aren’t making billions a year, let’s simplify the numbers and situation for ease of understanding.

Consider a security fence around the perimeter of your own property, when without it, people just randomly wander in your house and yard. They eat your food and take up space in the house. They don’t have a car, license, job or paperwork to get these things, so their support falls mainly on you. Building that security fence is expensive, but it could significantly reduce the ongoing costs, so it pays for itself over time.

The Left would have you believe that everyone on the Right is a heartless person who doesn’t see the look of desperation in the eyes of some of these immigrants. What they won’t tell you is that you get a good at the eyes of women and children because they are often pushed to the front to serve as shields. The truth is that those on the Right would love to help people in dire situations, but it’s impossible to help everyone and at some point, you’ve got to stop feeding people from empty plates.

This Is What Other People Think:

Poll: Should Taxpayers Pay for the Wall?

94% Voted Yes

6% Voted No

What Do You Think?

The question isn’t whether or not we need to limit illegal immigration. The fact of the matter is that laws exist and need to be upheld, including laws concerning immigration. But, if need be, should American taxpayers contribute to paying for the border wall?