Poll: Should Judaism Be Considered a Nationality?

Poll: Should Judaism Be Considered a Nationality?

Here’s the Background Story:

The Jewish people have been the subject of persecution and discrimination for centuries, especially so in recent decades. One contributing factor to this discrimination is how integral the formation of a state (Israel) is to Judaism. Hence, Israel has, historically, been a hotbed of international politics and religious controversy.

Given how important the relationship is between Judaism and the formation of Israel in their holy land, should Judaism be considered a nationality?

Here Are the Contributing Factors:

There’s also a practical element to this question. Unfortunately, anti-Israel movements have grown in popularity in recent years, especially in America. This is particularly prominent on college campuses.

President Trump has recognized these worrisome sentiments towards our key ally in the Middle East. So, he has crafted a bill that would recognize Judaism as a nationality. His goal is to prevent anti-Semitism from taking root in America


To accomplish this goal, Trump is taking the fight against anti-Semitism to the college campus.

In conjunction with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Education Department will have the power to protect Jews in America. It can withhold funding from any college or education program that discriminates against others “on the ground of race, color, or national origin.” Religion isn’t included on the list of protected categories, so Trump’s workaround to categorize Judaism as a nationality would protect Jews against undue discrimination.

In essence, Trump’s new bill will enable him to deny colleges who fail to prevent anti-Semitism from taking place on its campus from receiving federal funding.

Additionally, given the prominence and importance of Judaism throughout history, it’s not unreasonable to consider it a nationality.


Poll: Should Judaism Be Considered a Nationality?

30% Voted Yes

70% Voted No

What Do You Think?

What’s your opinion about Judaism being considered a nationality? Given Judaism’s influence on both religion and geopolitics, does it deserve to be considered a nationality?

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  1. I’d like to clarify something for the readers of this article as well as all of you who took the time to comment. Judaism is a rather unique entity. It is a two-pronged organism that needs both in order to survive. The Jewish people make up a nation, which has a language, a culture, and a history. However, the Jewish people are also a faith group whose religion is Judaism. We are both a people and a faith, and we need both to survive. If we were only a nation, that would be saying we are a body without a spirit, which is a pretty good working definition of a corpse. If we were only a faith group, that would be saying we are a spirit without a body, a pretty good working definition of a ghost. No, we are both, and President Trump’s Executive Order, extending to Jews the protections of Title VI, recognizes the dual-pronged nature of who we are, and we thank him for it.

  2. Hmmm, I am 88 years old and I have always thought of it as a Nationality. The 12 tribes lived as a people thousands of years ago and that thread has carried them through all our past history. They are a religion as well and that’s that.

  3. As I have posted, my DNA from Ancestry came back saying I am 43% Jewish. I was shocked too say the least, had no idea. I always thought that being Jewish WAS a Religion but according too Ancestry, it’s an Nationality. My daughter’s DNA said she was 23% Jewish. How can this be if, according too most of you, being Jewish is ONLY a Religion? Someone PLEASE explain this.

  4. Well think that Judaism, is a religion, and I also believe that they are teaching hatred for the Jews and also America in college by fascist liberal socialist professors, a guy was sentenced to 16 years for burning a gay flag ,so when the Jewish community and or students are singled out by fascist liberal democratic socialists why aren’t they being inprisoned ,fined ect, ect, Oh yeah it’s because their liberal socialist fascist democrats

  5. Israel is chosen for God. The people that are christhian believe that, like I.
    I’m agree that Israel is a Nation and Jerusalem City’s.

    • No they are not! The real Israel of the Bible are the 10 Lost Tribes, they are Judeah been that way for 2700yrs! The fake Jews named them Israel to create confusion and give them advantages. The Cannanite Khazars are who the fake Jews are and are those of Revelation 2:9 & 3:9. Zachariah chapter 2 talks of their fate, not good. The real Israel are the people we know as the Barbarian tribes who came from the Caucuses area and sacked Rome. They eventually migrated to the new world countries. Archeologists JS Torgesson & Steven M Collins wrote books about this, they follow the scripture

    • Even in Israel Judaism is a RELIGION. The nationality is Israeli. There is no Jewish nationality in the world. That said yes let Trump do this as a control of anti Semitism on college campuses. It can’t hurt.

  6. Well, he was purported to have said that. I doubt any of the current day scribes know for sure that he actually said that.

  7. Judaism is a religion; being Jewish is being part of a race. The Jews of the Old Testament were referenced as a race of people descendants of Abraham. They did not marry outside their race and remain Jewish. The Jews should be accorded the same protection as any race. Today, they may not be descendants of Abraham but few races today are pure in the sense that they have married and procreated outside of their race and/or national origins.
    That being said, people who are bi-racial or of mixed nationality are granted equal protection under the law. Therefore, it is not outside the constraints of our Constitution that all are created equally and should be accorded the same protection.
    Groups that are anti Semitic are hate groups in the same way that groups that are antiChristian and antiMuslim are hate groups.
    Jews need to be accorded the same protections as a race not a nationality.
    It is hypocritical of us as a nation to single out a race of people; a nationality or even a religion as much as I find the definition so stretched to accommodate groups who claim that status.
    Our government has run roughshod over it’s citizens since Hoover was president with legislation that eroded our founding principles. It is time to let the voice of the people be heard, rightly or wrongly it should not be stifled by political rhetoric and fake news.

  8. I don’t think it would solve anything. There will always be anti-semitism against Jews and others. You can’t stop it it’s already here. Not sure if there’s anything one can do. It’s sad how Jews have been treated horribly since the beginning and then you got fake Jews starting trouble.

  9. All these Countries that hates Jews? God is fixing to STOP IT! In the near future, God is going to cause these Countries to gather up, and attack Israel! The odds are against the Jews, but, God Almighty will almosy destroy all who comes against (like Egyptians and the Red Sea) then, but leaves a remnant to go back and tell what happened! God is still the same God, and Jesus is still the Messiah.

    • To bad the Israelis dont c that Jesus is the messiah. Might b that GOD will not favor Israel they dont consider Jesus as much of anything? Something to think about? Cant go wrong with Jesus

  10. When I was robbed and beaten to death and I went to Heaven to talk to my Angel. God Promised Abraham that whoever Blesses his Seed? God would Bless them! Whoever curses Abraham’s Seed? God would cutse them! When Jesus’s comes to pick his Bride up? He will go to Israel to fight their battles and WIN!! Then, ALL JEWS, will believe in Jesus and be Saved.

    • Sorry Ronald but real Jews have never believed in Jesus. Not for 5000 years. The Hebrew Bible, the Torah, the Old Testament written in Hebrew 5000 years ago never gave the name of the Mochiach.

  11. I believe that Hebrew is a nationality, yet not all Hebrew people are Jewish; because they may choose not to worship as their forefathers did. Therefore it would not be a nationality. Some may become Christians or another religion or no religion at all. A nationality has nothing to do with one’s religious preference. With that being said, I do believe the Jewish people are God’s chosen and should be respected as such. The Bible (God’s inerrant Word) tells us that He will bless those who bless them and curse those who curse them. We would be wise to pay attention to this, as history has proven what God says is truth.

    • Yes the Hebrews were a nation 5000 years ago. Over thousands of years the Hebrews became the Jews who were scattered all over the world. They took the nationalities of the countries they settled in but kept their religion.

    • God’s chosen people who never listen to God. He gave us Jesus and still his chosen people defy God. Why would God save them?

  12. Close to half of the jews live here so are we going to give them part of our country– and ifferent laws for them as if they are a separate nation here. Of course not. We need to protect everyone equally with no specials protections or lack of protection for anyone. Laws have got to protect every citizen in the US equally. If the want to have a separate nationality they are welcome back in Israel. Perhaps you are defining separate nationality in different terms. That is even more of a problem because then we really won’t know what you are talking about or voting for.

    • You are completely misunderstanding the question. Considering Judaism a nationality does NOT mean giving the Jews land in America. It means having a passport that does not say America or Canada or wherever but it will say Judaism. Which is kinda nuts and likely why 70% voted against it.

    • David Garfield they are not Jews but Americans of the Jewish faith. There are Americans of the Christian faith and Islamic faith. The nationality of Israel is Israeli not Jewish. There are 1 million Israeli citizens of the Christian faith, 1 million Israeli citizens of the Muslim faith and 6 million Israelis of the Jewish faith.

  13. Israel in the Old Testament are descendants of Abraham through Jacob. The 12 tribes were descendants through the Patriarch Jacob. The tribe of Judah, could in one sense, as we view current sovereignty be a state much like New York. Through the Word, it is God who is Sovereign over all. The Messiah gives all Grace whom come to him. Therefore: the Jews are both a theological and historical religion and a part of Israel. If one studies the Old Testament closely, the purity of being a Jew ceased long ago, so identifying as a Jew is theological.

  14. Yes. Judaism should be a nationality. The whole peninsula should be their nation. Muslims are constantly trying to steal it from them, in one way or the other. They try to destroy Israelite’s, by forces, or fooling Jewish people, into thinking they are OK, to have around. Muslims slowly overcome the Jewish people, with their numbers, breeding like rabbits and rats. Muslims cloak themselves, with m names, like Somali and Palestinian Arab, making Jewish people think, that there are no Muslims around, when they are all over the place.

    • Artie whitefox having arrived in Israel 8 days after the start of the Yom Kippur War in 1973 I can tell you that Israel knows exactly about Muslims. Five Muslim Arab armies were attacking to destroy Israel. That was the fifth time since 1948. The Muslim terror group Hamas which controls Gaza with an iron hand has a charter which says until every Jew is pushed into the sea and eliminated will the Muslims be victorious.

  15. I don’t care who you are , you can’t just make up things as you go!!!!!~ Judaism is a Religion Not and never will be a Nationality except in the alternate world. When we get there wake me up !!!!! Sorry President Trump !!!!!

    • ROBERT, I felt the same as you but when my DNA came back from ANCESTRY it showed that I was 43% Jewish, 23% Irish and 27% Scandinavian. If being Jewish is only a religion then why did my DNA come back that way??

    • I believe it’s being seen as the only way to protect people who claim to be Jewish in America . I believe there should be no separate civil rights organizations in this nation . We need an American civil rights organizations. We have a war here and people don’t realize it’s against all Americans. Many Stand together on this soil and pretend to be at war with one another and they are both at war against all Americans . It’s as if we have to choose whether we want to be an Islamic nation or Jewish nation all others are invisible. I know the politics of all of this is insane and it’s for power . We all lose if we all don’t stand up for America and freedom of religion and lose all of these labels and organizations. We are under attack in many ways here I don’t think some people realize we are occupied by the Holy See and Holy land – they are the observers and protect their organizations here . It is all so unfair to all ppl . Until people live by their word they are in no way , shape or form to force their leadership on us . That is called deceit .

  16. If he wants to consider a hebrew nationality I would say yes.A religious nationality hell no. Before you know it all religions will be a nationality taking their piece of the government hand outs.Sounds like a democrat idea…W.T.F.

  17. Judaism is a religion not a nationality. Jewish people do not come from one country so it isn’t a nationality in that way. I could elect to become Jewish the same as Muslim, Christian or any other religious group and they are not nationalities. So I vote no.

    • Jews come from all countries so how can it be different from other religions. It in no way is a nationality. It’s ridicules to think otherwise. It meets none of the qualifications of being a nationality

    • Then Christianity should be considered a nationality too!
      Same for Hindu, Buddhism, Shinto, Atheism, Islam and whatever else you want to add to the list. Israel is a nation. The people of Israel are Israelis. Let students “register” as “Israelis” then, if discriminated against because they are “Israelis”, the government could withhold funding from institutions wherein this discriminating evil occurs because it involves discrimination based on national origin. *** After all is said associated with this issue I fail to understand why “Jews” are disliked. Adolf Hitler and his Nazi minions all had/have a personality disorder as do those who support the mindset of the “KKK”.

  18. A religion speaks of ones core belief in a divinity. It holds no national boundary. Judaism, and Christianity are connected faiths of the same core belief in one God and archaeological evidence is uncovered more every day to support the history. Making one a nationality will disconnect it from the other, changing history, and altering the overall public view. Both faiths are under attack and should be supported as faiths in God. Protected as the right to believe in the divine.

  19. The Roman Catholic Church has its worldwide seat in the Vatican, which has since 1929 been recognized by Italy, which surrounds all Vatican sovereign territory.
    The pope and a small number of clerics and personnel who reside within Vatican territory have Vatican citizenship and Vatican passports.
    Roman Catholics the world over do not have Vatican citizenship. Roman Catholicism is not called nor recognized as a nationality. The United States government has, beginning in the Reagan administration, extended diplomatic recognition to the Vatican City state as a nation with its own sovereign territory. The US government exchanged ambassadors (the Vatican ambassador is called a “papal nuncio”) with the Vatican state. The US government has not recognized as a sovereign state nor exchanged ambassadors with the Roman Catholic Church.
    No, Judaism is not a nationality and should not be treated as such. Israel (the modern-day political state established in 1948) is a nation possessed of sovereign territory. Its citizens have Israel citizenship, not Judaism citizenship. Jews the world over are not citizens of Israel.
    I am of Scottish and Irish ancestry, among others. I am not a national of Scotland or Ireland. Some of my forebears were members of the Church of Scotland (Presbyterian). Others were members of the Church of England (Episcopalian). Neither is a nationality.
    I believe that treating Judaism as a nation rather than a religious and cultural association would be a serious mistake. Would everyone who identifies as a Jew be treated as a citizen of Judaism? Many people who identify as Jews are not religious. Many don’t belong to a synagogue or (Reform) temple. Many are followers of other religions, though conservative, religious Jews exclude them.
    Recognizing Judaism as a nationality would open a bag of worms. Many other religions would lobby for their members to be recognized as a nationality.

  20. The next time one of the ‘neighbors’ attacks Israel they should not be satisfied with retaliation, they should ‘create another West Bank’.

  21. Nationality means bloodline and many covert to Judaism that are not of the Hebrew bloodline. So no, it cannot be a “nationality” it’s a faith, a religion. Anyone can be one.

    It’s like with Muslims – anyone can be one but they cannot be an Arab or Indonesian, etc. of their bloodline. Muslims are just those who follow Islam
    Those who are of the Judaism religion are not always of the Hebrew bloodline. In fact few are the real Hebrew Jews.

    Religions are NOT “nationalities”. That is just common sense.


    • While true, that ‘anyone’ can embrace Judaism, once you find out what it entails you may want to think twice. I once had a young man working for me in a sales position. One day he announced he wanted to become a Jew. I proceeded to question his motivation, to which he answered that it had occurred to him that since it was obvious the Jews knew everything there was to know about money, if he were to hang out with them at the Temple, he, too, would reap the benefit of their knowledge. I mused on his response momentarily, then proceeded to tell him he should be awarew there were certain rituals one had to undergo in order to become a Jew. One, I mentioned was a ‘bris.’ As he was unfamiliar with the term, he said, “So, what be a bris?” After I explained it to him he said, “I think I’se goin’ to stay a Baptist!”

  22. silly question about the Chosen People of God. The Muhammadan Cult wants to be considered a nationality because they are a militaristic Theocracy based on an ancient pagan god

  23. JUDAISM:
    the cultural, social, and religious beliefs and practices of the Jews. … : the religion developed among the ancient Hebrews that stresses belief in God and faithfulness to the laws of the Torah : the religion of the Jewish people. …

    Sounds Ridiculous…
    Why Just Judaism ,..Why not include ALL RELIGIONS as NATIONALITIES.

    • God wanted the Jews, to have a nation. Muslims don’t want them, to have a nation. To not want the Jewish people, to have a nation, is to side with Muslims, who want the Jewish, to be annihilated.

    • God wanted the Jews, to have a nation. Muslims don’t want them, to have a nation. To not want the Jewish people, to have a nation, is to side with Muslims, who want the Jewish people, to be annihilated

  24. in New Jersey I went to almost all jew public school in the 70’s even tho Im catholic and german. We fellowed all their rules and hoildays and they didnt fellowed ours. They are spoiled enuf in this country.Quit asking for more!!

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