Poll: Should Foreigners Be Allowed to Donate in Local Elections?

Should Foreigners Be Allowed to Donate in Local Elections?

Here’s the Background Story:

The national ban on foreign campaign donations in federal, state, and local elections stands. A Ninth Circuit Court case in San Diego questions the validity of the federal ban applying to local elections. Some foreigners have significant financial ties to our country — they play an economic role that we can’t ignore.

What’s the Harm Here:

The question at hand is one of sovereignty. Our nation has clearly defined borders, and we have the right to determine what happens inside of them. Likewise, local governments have their own boundaries and sovereignty that the federal government occasionally oversees. Sometimes local and national interests are at odds with each other — typically the state’s rights take precedence, but not always.

Here’s a scenario that demonstrates the conundrum with foreign election financing, federal regulations and local government.

An overseas car manufacturer wants to set up a plant in a small rural town that would boost its economy. The decision to go through with the plan hinges on who wins the next local election for mayor. Would it be wrong for foreign nationals to donate to candidates that support the plant?

Americans don’t want foreign interference in national elections — that was made clear with the Russian scandal in the 2016 presidential election. On the other hand, the local populace would benefit from more jobs and businesses opening up around the plant. But, it’s not permitted by the federal government according to law.

Poll: Should Foreigners Be Allowed to Donate in Local Elections?

2% Voted Yes

98% Voted No

What Do You Think?

States have the right to control much of what happens within their own borders. Should the federal government have a role to play with determining who can contribute to local elections?


  1. Sure! Trump should be able to take all the Russian donations he can get. Putin needs him for 4 more years to finish what he’s got started with him. Most of you people are mentally, educationally, and morally challenged! God help us all!

  2. when you come to the united states you should autumatically have become a citizen its a privalege to live here not for your hands out for everything. no no no.

    • I beg your pardon!
      Just walking on the land here does NOT automatically make you a citizen!
      Go through the process to be naturalized or go home!

  3. Absolutely NO. Crooked Hillary used foreign donations in her “pay to play” schemes. George Soros needs to be blocked from contributing to “left-wing” candidates.

    • Amen!! That man needs to either go to jail for life for committing Treason or he needs to be hung!! He has or interfered in and caused governments to totally unfurl by attempting to implement Socialism/Communism all around the world!! They like to always tell me that I’m confusing Socialism with Communism, however, when these misfit infiltrators start talking about taking my right away for life saving protection of myself & my family, taking away my free speech, denying my right to patriotism, denying my right to my religion, and denying my right to believe in God, disrespecting life itself by killing babies in & out of the womb, & disrupting my culture & the history of my country; then it is time that they realize exactly what Communism is!! When these people cannot obey by the Laws of this country and respect & uphold the Constitution then they do not deserve my money that pays their salary!! We need to start enabling the laws of this land & demand that they follow the laws & prosecuting those that do not, knocking down those that do not uphold this country & the laws of this country and do so with pride & Love for this country and it’s Sovereignty!!

    • Wrong!
      George Soros should be banned from contributing to ANY AND ALL candidates.
      Not just the Demotraitors.

  4. No foreign money no PAC money restrict amount given to below$200,000 or less. No one who cannot raise millions cannot run. In addition why hasn’t the DOJ investigated Soros and the total amounts he gives to the candidates he wants I. Office.

  5. Absolutely not, never should this happen. We are America, I’m tired of our Gov selling us out. America is for Americans and we must keep it that way. In God we trust. God bless America always.

  6. Never , the Dems want it cause they r constantly taking. Look at New York money given for mentally ill missing. Haiti money missing, housing money missing . Not missing constant stealing. Destroying America they don’t want a wall, they have criminals walking our streets want our guns, don’t mind trafficking & drugs coming in, giving illegals licenses wow very bad dangerous, Too many gangs they all have weapons . Schools bad ppl of color education is bad there not learning. Let’s care about our kids, our America. Roads & bridges a mess cities filled with rapes & murders this must stop ASAP protect our constitution

  7. I’d like to take this a step further. NO OUT OF STATE DONATIONS BE ALLOWED IN LOCAL ELECTIONS! That’s the only reason I’m stuck with a worthless dummycrat representative. Pukelousy heavily dump money in her campaign.


    • I worry that those States who approved driver licenses to illegal immigrants did so in order that they will vote. I don’t know nor understand what is happening to our country. I guess we will need another revolution to be USA again.

    • I agree Susan. No foreigners should have a right to anything in our country if not a citizen. All these illegals want everything and they can’t even speak English. Hell no. Build that wall. To many leaches expecting a hand out. No way.

    • Reply to Susan one who commented on your comment.

      Susan, do you know the difference in Revolution and Civil War?
      I think you do not.
      Also you want a war in your back yard!
      I having been in a real war do not!
      If you saw how the civilians exist in an area in war you would not either.
      You people saying it’s time for a new civil war have no idea what your are wishing for. Looking around I fear you may get your wish but you won’t like it. I promise.
      There will be suffering for you and I if it comes to be.
      I for one do not expect I will live through one. You may not either. It’s hell for everyone it’s not like foot ball. You WILL be involved. LIKE IT OR NOT!

  9. A definitely NO!!! we should NOT ALLOW foreigners countries to donate ANY donations of ANY kind, we saw the RUSSIANS and the CHINESE donating to the crooked Hillary Clinton’s foundation for a good reason…to influence over government decisions Laws, we saw the very same with the BIDEN’s in the Ukraine scandal, don’t we learn from those experiences which affects our lives and divisions presently going on now…? Let’s put a STOP to that and make it illegal for foreign governments or individuals to donate any kind of incentives to influence any government decision.

  10. NO .ONLY AMERICANS , Should be allowed to give an vote. Most Dems. have become Unamerican. What happened to JFKs Party.?

    • Just who are “Americans?’
      I am a natural born citizen of The United States of America but that does not mean my friends who live in Peru are not Americans and that I am.
      After all there is more than one America!

  11. I bet my comment which said no, but did mention the NRA and the Russian donations to it by their honorary for life member Alexander Torshin (Russian Billionaire oligarch & Putin buddy) will be deleted because this is a conservative site and thus can’t take any other view etc.

    • You must think that Conservative are like Liberal Democrats.
      We will actually let you run your mouth off and not censor you.
      We may tear you up a little for being stupid but hopefully we will
      never stoop to the liberal left bull shit you think is going to happen.

  12. NO- and that means the NRA taking money from Russian Oligarchs , like their honorary member for life Alexander Torshin (Butina’s pal and spy colleague) “donations”- basically money laundering which then finances various GOP campaigns m like Leningrad Lindsey’s. Try looking up conservatives, Katrina Leung who was a big fundraiser for the GOP until she was arrested in 2006 for being a double agent for China because you conservative types probably missed that. Would be nice if money wasn’t such an issue in elections due to conservative court ruling on Citizens United opening up the floodgates and elections done with public financing only too but yeah, I guess fairness even there is too fair for the conservatives.

    • What about Soros and his various companies and family giving millions to the DNC candidates so that they will win and continue to push his agenda on our country. He is quite a threat to our beliefs and to our democracy.

    • Don’t forget the $8 million Putin offered Trump to invest in Russia. That was to Trump the candidate. Couldn’t offer that to President Trump. But if Trump abandoned Syria (US ally) long enough for Turkey ( Russian ally) to invade and occupy the land Turkey wanted then Putin could give that $8 million to Trump through Turkey plus whatever Turkey paid Trump for Syria. Now Trump Tower in Turkey will expand. Another twin tower or resort? We will find out after President Trump retires. But Trump has no respect for this country so maybe he won’t wait. Better to collect now.

    • Again I have to use someone’s reply to reply to Susan.
      Susan please learn about our country.
      You said, “our Democracy!”
      How many times did you fail the sixth grade?
      This country you love so much, “as I do” is NOT, NOT, NOT a Damned shitty Democracy!
      It never was and hopefully it never will be.
      Democracy always fails and turnes into something like Cuba, Russia, oh and now Venezuela.
      This great country is and always has been a, “Constitutional Republic.” This constant saying our Democracy is teaching the Useful Idiots all the wrong shit.
      STOP IT!

  13. This is one of those “what harm could it do” questions. Let’s take a look at what harm it can do. Barack Husain Obama for one, The Clinton’s Bill and Hillary. Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Son, The Squad..etc…etc…etc… and the list goes all through the DNC.

    • I agree Buddy but they also want the eleg to vote so they can have the power to scew we the people of the United states the DNC they are no good get them the hell out of office and let they go somewhere else (another country like China Russia ect

  14. No,No, No. There is already too much corruption at all levels of government. Let’s live by our established rules.

  15. I’d go further – no money from outside a city/county and no money from outside a state. Why should anyone in, say, Texas have anything to say on who is elected to the, say House, in Ohio? We don’t let Russians (at least legally) support a Presidential candidate; why should money be allowed for as governor from outside the state, etc.

    • I’m one hundred percent behind you if you need money outside of the state, county, city, to get elected then your telling me your not supporting me.

    • I agree with that completely. As it stands , it looks like federal immigration laws can be ignored by states and local. So with this issue, protectors of illegal immigrants in California, New York could dump tons of money into a local or state campaign, that would normally be opposes to illegals, in order to hinder a candidate they don’t like or boost one they do. Just like you say. In some cases it is better not to allow states to interfere with others and sometimes it is. So what standard could we use to tell when and when not?

  16. Not only should we disallow all foreign donations, but also completely disallow all ex patriots from donating to any elections as well. As for local elections, only those Lawful Residents should be allowed to vote in ALL ELECTIONS. Anything else is allowing foreign interference and election tampering.

    • Absolutely NO!!! I am here in the USA legally !! I had to wait until I was 18 to be able to vote in a state election! I think my general election for president may have been at 21. I’m 74 NOW so the exact time may be off by a a year for the general elections. I do know my parents didn’t learn English as fast as I did because I went to school that helped me learn faster so parents voted a few years later after they finished learning the language at night school.

    • No ” not right for non American donations nor is it fair to have duel citizens in our government since the 60’s


    • Hell no Never!!! They have no right. Wow. Another reason the shithead democraps would approve. They need the illegals to vote and donate because they know they could never win without changing the system of what once was democracy. Reason they want open borders. What a sham. No no no. No right. Not American citizens. Who are these a__holes who want to keep changing the Constitution. God help you. You will meet your demise.

  18. No, the only reason the demonrats want illegals to vote, same with lowering the voting age to sixteen, is out of desperation. The majority of illegals and millenniums will vote for them.

  19. No way should foreigners be allowed to influence elections in our country. Jobs should not be an excuse to allow it. No! No! No!

    • Soros says he is the law-Adolph Hitler, no one has the right to a gun, but him the Fuhrer, Himmler, Eichmannn and the SS, have guns, cars, and killing machines, for me, not for thee.

  20. allowing them to donate sounds innocent enough but can u remember the story of the Trojan horse? need I say more

  21. This man Soros was with the Nazi’s any one of our politicians getting from him r all unfit for USA . He tells us he wants to destroy USA

  22. Not only foreigners, but any that do not live in the area from which the local election is to be held. This happened in Davis California. Developers based in Los Angeles, 400 miles away, donated money to pro development candidates for the City Council of Davis. They could not even vote in the local election but their MONEY bought the candidates of their liking. Davis went from a population of 10,000 to one of 100,000 in ten years and the town is still building. The water supply and waste water disposal facilities could not support the growth necessitating the city to construct a pipe line from the Sacramento River to supply water and re-do their waste water plant. The cost for each was 1 billion dollars, which the cities of Woodland and Davis are now paying the bond on and the residents of Davis have metered water, where they did not before, resulting in higher user fees, higher taxes. The residents in effect have subsidized the developers profits and continue to do so.

    • Thank you for the VERY good example.
      It’s the same for us who live outside incorporated cities.
      They annex us and our taxes more than double and we nothing to very little for it.

  23. Let me get this straight, the Democrat party is trying to impeach a President with no evidence of him asking for foreign interference and with holding funds to a country with proven corruption which is his right to do so ( which I am glad he did, I personally do not hand out blank checks to people I do not trust or not knowing where my money is going ) but we have a former Vice President telling the same country that if they do not fire the prosecutor investigating the company his son is connected to they will not get their money and saying this to people in a video, that is okay!!! now it should be okay for foreign people to donate money to U.S. political campaigns! NO!!!

  24. No. Can Americans pour millions into foreign campaigns to sway voters? I don’t know. But when you have major auto manufacturers and tech companies basically taking over our economy. Where do we draw the line at what is American and what isn’t? China basically owns our banks now (do you know what your bank’s real name is other than HSBC) If they can influence elections too, what’s left.

    • Kind of makes you wonder if this is how the Congress who are supposed to be civil servants have gotten so rich. Hmm, think about that.

  25. NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT! No foreigner has a legal right to influence our local elections AND national elections! Tell them to go home and vote in their country’s elections!!
    We must be very careful not ever to allow this to occur in our country!! Those illegal immigrants must be removed from the U.S.A. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!

  26. ONLY USA Citizens should be donating to Local, State or Federal Elections in the USA. We have enough interference from people like Soros who spend millions pushing for communists to get elected in places he wants to control. Personally, I don’t even feel I should be donating to candidates I like who are running in other states as I’m not a resident of that state.

    • Yes you are right.
      However just because I’m a natural born citizen of The Unite States does not mean I should be allowed to donate to your city, county or state for my interests.
      Only the citizen of your city, county or state should be allowed.

  27. No way!! That means the antichrist Soros also!! He is banned in other countries and we should do the same. The only problem being, he is shrewd and puts donations under other folk’s names or organizations. Anything affiliated with that guru should be illegal.

  28. Why is the only answer available yes??

    Hell NO!! What the fuck do they have to do with OUR elections.
    This is bullshit.

  29. As it states: They do have to become citizens of the U.S.before helping in any election.Please correct me if I am wrong.

  30. Stupid to even consider–what’s next==allow Your neighbor to make decisions about what You do with Your Wife & Kids?
    Can We get back to the Constitution? Can votes be “throw out” in a federal election where illegal aliens are not only allowed to vote; but, encouraged to do so—a real quid pro quo—vote democrat and get freebies like: health care, free rent, free food—–BUYING ELECTIONS (especially by foreign interests–George Sorros) should never be allowed—else We lose the Country to the INTERNATIONALISTS.

  31. The U.S. is the only country in the world that has limits on who can vote, as only citizens that are 18 years old have the right to vote. A citizen is someone that has proof they were born in the U.S. or if a person applies for citizenship and goes through the procedure of 5 years a resident and passes courses, and someone who swears allegiance to the U.S. may become a citizen. No other. there are other restrictions on trying to become an elected position representing people in your area of residency, for a position you must have lived in the U.S. for so may years and be a certain age and be a citizen of so many years, all the way to President, where you must have been born here to be elected as President.
    To my knowledge, all other countries do not have these restrictions and are subject to corruption as they also do not recognizze simple justice in laws against corruption and paying for votes or a positions. We can not allow our representatives of the people and citizens to be swayed by the potential of being influenced by purchased votes, as the elected officials are by reason representing the people not just being paid to offer their services.

  32. That is a really Stupid question —of course Not. This is a country with it’s own citizens, that should all be legal inhabitants.

  33. Here’s the real scenario: Goof $oro$ is putting his money into heavy interference in local politics & local elections all across America.
    DEMONIC: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America, by Ann Coulter.
    Globalism-socialism by any name stinks the same.
    Mass migration is an act of war. USMCA is Globalist Trojan Horse: http://www.jbs.org
    Stop the invasion! 
    Remember 9/11.
    Here’s the patrirchy:
    USA has been a marxist Matriarchal fagotty feminist Jabberwocky Nanny state since at least the women’s vote, the FRB, WW1. The nazi-commie (Right-Left politics) socialist elite crony-capitalist-monopoly establishment here has created the disastrous welfare state, ruined our money supply, crippled our economy, destroyed our medicine, our military & our education system.
    The terrorism game is just the latest in the ongoing leftist insanity, promoted by Obama & Hillary Clinton.
    YouTube vids: The Red Elephants Vincent James. 
    We Build The Wall (YouTube channel) is building the wall! Title: Foreman Mike Wants You To Know YOU Stopped It! ..and is doing it FAR faster, cheaper & better than government or military can do.
    Global warming is a lie:
    Debunking Every Climate Change Argument With Geologist Tony Heller. -The Red Elephants Vincent James.
    Feminism is a lie:
    The Birth of Feminism at Seneca Falls New York 1848. -StudioBrule.
    SPRINGTIME FOR SNOWFLAKES, Social Justice & its Postmodern Parentage, by Michael Rectenwald.
    RESISTANCE IS FUTILE: How the Trump Hating Left Lost its Collective Mind, by Ann Coulter.
    DEMONIC: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America, Ann Coulter
    INVASION! and OPEN BORDERS INC by Michelle Malkin.
    THE MORE YOU DO THE BETTER YOU FEEL by DAVID PARKER:  are you a human ostrich head buried in your phone?
    Stop the starvation & poisoning:
    Stop radical Islam by learning the truth about it on YouTube:
    Acts17Apologetics. And
    Apostate Prophet .
    “There can be no peace on earth until the Koran is eliminated from the world.” Winston Churchill 1942.

    • James you are mostly right but pretty damned whacked out on a couple of points.
      I just want to tell you one thing.
      There is NO such thing as “Radical Islam.” Islam is radical.
      The Filthy Qur’an should as you say be removed from the face of the Earth!
      There can never be peace with these idiots.
      We can never let Muslims have first amendment rights on religion.
      To allow them the stated rights of religion in our first amendment is to legalize rape, slavery and murder for them as per the Qur’an.
      I’ll never go there!

  34. Here’s the real scenario: Goof $oro$ is putting his money into heavy interference in local politics & local elections all across America.
    DEMONIC: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America, by Ann Coulter.

  35. Foreigners should not be allowed to contribute to presidential elections
    Illegals should be deported the constitution does not provide for sanctuary towns cities or states and all those who establish them should be held for treason against the United States and the constitution


    • Dennis thak you for calling him what he is.
      An illegal alien and fraud deluxe. Only Democrats!
      The Birth certificate he posted on White House.gov stated his birth date as August 1961
      in a hospital that did not take the name on the Certificate until 1978.

      Now that’s a good one. They new the name in 1961 it as to become in seventeen years?

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