Poll Results: Should CVS Sell Cannabis?

Should CVS Sell Cannabis?

Here’s the Background Story:

Not all Americans see eye-to-eye on marijuana’s recreational status, but some are open to its medical applications. The supply of cannabidiol, or CBD, products into the market is mostly done through weed-specific vendors. CVS Pharmacy recently announced they’ve started selling CBD products in some of its stores. Is this a good idea?

What’s All the Fuss About CBD?

Some Americans believe this is a way to sneak weed into products to get people high. THC is the active component of the plant that alters a person’s mental state. Items made from CBD don’t have any THC in them — you can rub CBD oil on your skin without any side effects.
So, what’s the big deal about CBD if it doesn’t get you high? It has a few health benefits; namely, it helps individuals that suffer from epilepsy. There’s strong scientific evidence to support this.
CBD manufacturers claim it helps with other conditions as well: reducing social anxiety, pain relief, and aiding in sleep are just a few. It could potentially be an alternative anti-inflammatory medication, but the studies aren’t conclusive yet. There’s little to no scientific evidence to back up any other purported uses of CBD.
While each state can regulate CBD any way they want, cannabidiol is federally legal as of 2018 — that doesn’t mean we understand its full effects and drug interactions. Epilepsy medication, including CBD, increases blood pressure. This means the user can’t take full doses of CBD and traditional medicines; a small percentage had to cease using CBD altogether.
We only know about its effects on blood pressure thanks to the extensive research on epilepsy. There isn’t enough data to determine its safeness or effectiveness with other applications. Additionally, the CBD industry is mostly unregulated — producers can put almost anything they want on the label.

This Is What Other People Think:

Poll: Should CVS Sell Cannabis?

39% Voted Yes

61% Voted No

What Do You Think?

Marijuana (including CBD) certainly has medical applications, but we don’t understand it’s full effects yet. Is CVS putting its customers in danger, or do you think CBD products are safe enough to sit on the shelves?