Poll: Should COVID-19 Be A Campaign Talking Point?

Poll: Should COVID-19 be Campaign Talking Points?

Here’s the Background Story:

(RightWing.org) – It seems like all anyone has talked about for the past few weeks is the coronavirus. As a newly-labeled pandemic, it’s totally understandable to keep the public informed on what’s going on both nationally and locally. However, does that make it okay for COVID-19 to become a central campaign talking point in light of the outbreak?

Here Are the Contributing Factors:

Political campaigns are typically founded more in principles and long-term ideas than in current events. While it’s certainly understandable for politicians to reference these events to bolster their campaign strategy, it may not be wise to solely rely on them. Right now, we’re starting to see a fairly noticeable shift in a few presidential campaigns because of the virus.

The glaringly obvious case is of Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT). It’s arguable that his Medicare-for-All plan is the foundation of his campaign. Sanders certainly does talk about many other beliefs, philosophies, and political agendas, but it almost always comes back around to universal health care for all.

So, with the coronavirus outbreak, it makes sense that Sanders would tie that into his presidential campaign. He and Joe Biden gave separate speeches about what they think should be done about the outbreak. Sanders did plug his universal healthcare idea into the speech, though, surprisingly, it wasn’t the central point.

Biden, on the other hand, used COVID-19 to launch an attack against President Trump. During his speech, Biden seemed to say more about how he thinks Trump is failing us rather than to give pointed solutions to the problem. For almost 20 minutes, Biden rambled on about how terrible the president is.

Rather than addressing the virus for the real threat it poses, Biden — and Sanders to an extent — used it as an excuse to air grievances about Trump.

Using current events to distinguish politicians from their opponents isn’t new. And, the coronavirus is a serious problem that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Yet, here it seems to be used as a brute force attack against policies that Democrats don’t like.

Poll: Should COVID-19 Be a Campaign Talking Point?

19% Voted Yes

81% Voted No

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Should campaigns adopt the COVID-19 situation as a talking point?

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