Poll Results: Should "Baby It’s Cold Outside" Be Banned?

Poll: Should
Poll: Should "Baby It's Cold Outside" Be Banned?

Here’s the Background Story:

We polled thousands of Americans to find out whether or not they thought this once (in some circles “still”) popular Christmas song should be banned. Open any social media site and it’s front and center with opinions on both sides. While some are calling it the date rape song, others are speaking out about historical context and what the song means to them.

Undecided? Feeling a pull both ways? Or maybe you feel like you have a solid grip on the issue. Either way, we encourage you to review the facts in our Fact Checker, then decide which side of the line you stand on. Is it a historical hit or an offense to women everywhere?

This Is What Other People Think:

Poll: Should "Baby It’s Cold Outside" Be Banned?

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What Do You Think?

What do you think? Should this holiday classic be taken off the airwaves?