Poll Results: Should Ammo Purchases Be Limited?

Poll: Should Ammo Purchases Be Limited?
Poll: Should Ammo Purchases Be Limited?

Here’s the Background Story:

The Oregon Democrats have a super-majority in the state House and Senate. As such, they’ve been able to propose many anti-gun bills to Gov. Kate Brown, who has a clear history of supporting these measures. The governor has even previously directed state police to track and analyze gun sales actively.

A new piece of legislation was recently proposed that would turn Oregon into the most restrictive state in the country for gun rights. This new bill, SB 501, requires all gun owners to have licenses before they can make purchases, but the more concerning part is the ammo restrictions. All firearm magazines that contain more than five rounds are outlawed, and ammo sales are capped at 20 rounds per 30 days.

Here Are the Contributing Factors:

These ammo restrictions would cripple gun owners across the state. Anyone with a firearm can tell you how impractical it is be limited to 20 rounds a month. That might be the bare minimum required for self-defense or hunting, but it’s not enough to practice with at the shooting range. And the bigger question is… isn’t limiting ammo purchases just another way of hampering the Second Amendment?

The new magazine size restriction also applies retroactively and to revolvers. Any six-shot revolver must be turned in or destroyed if this bill goes into effect. It would severely limit, if not cripple, an entire sector of the state’s economy and leave its citizens with few ways to defend themselves.

There is some silver lining. Other states, like New York, have passed highly restrictive gun laws that were later overturned. Their SAFE Act in 2013 restricted magazines to seven rounds and was overturned a year later. The federal judge ruled that the act violated the Second Amendment.

This Is What Other People Think:

Poll: Should Ammo Purchases Be Limited?

5% Voted Yes

95% Voted No

What Do You Think?

There have been some gun incidents over the last few years in America. Is that enough to warrant a limitation on ammo purchases? Be sure to vote and let us know what you think about these types of firearm restrictions.