Poll Results: Is Trump to Blame for the Shutdown?

Poll: Is Trump to Blame for the Shutdown?
Poll: Is Trump to Blame for the Shutdown?

Here’s the Background Story:

A government shutdown is nothing to dismiss lightly, but it isn’t what the extremists would have you think, either. Many are blaming President Trump for the shutdown, but are they just following the lead of those who blame the president for everything? President Trump has already said they can blame him for the shutdown but also points out that it’s a lack of votes that keeps the shutdown going.

Here Are the Contributing Factors:

The bottom line is that some sort of legislation appropriating funds has to be approved before the shutdown can end. Even a temporary measure would work, but one hasn’t been presented that meets the goals of all parties involved. President Trump is insisting that funds for the border wall be covered in the legislation, but not all members of the House agree. Some don’t want a wall at all, while others are more focused on the exact amount requested for the wall.

And the whole thing is about to start all over.

Why? Because on January 2, 2019, the 116th Congress pushes the 115th out the door. Their first order of business is to settle on a decision as to how to fund the federal government. With fresh faces, it’s hard to tell which way things will turn. It could mean an almost immediate end to the shutdown or it could go on even longer.

It’s easy to put the blame on one man’s shoulders, but it’s really a much bigger issue than one man alone could cause. And many believe that it isn’t about the wall at all, but about votes. For those who want to pander to the Left’s concept that we should open the borders for everyone who has any kind of issue in their home country, voting to support a wall looks like they are going against their voter base. But the US would actually save money by reducing the amount of time, people and money dedicated to deporting illegal immigrants after they are caught.

You don’t build a house to get a financial return on the house itself. You build a house to shelter what you have, so you can focus on upgrading other elements of your life. The same is true of the wall. Sure, the initial expense is extreme, but it’s what it saves in the long run (including the lives of American citizens as well as immigrants) that’s really important. President Trump is interested in protecting America and the people who live here. And he’s willing to take the blame if Americans want to put it on his shoulders.

This Is What Other People Think:

Poll: Is Trump to Blame for the Shutdown?

5% Voted Yes

95% Voted No

What Do You Think?

So, do you blame Trump for the shutdown? We aren’t sure how this poll is going to turn out, but we’ll keep you updated!