Poll: Is the Minneapolis PD Ruling Politically Motivated?

Poll: Is the Minneapolis PD Ruling Politically Motivated?

Here’s the Background Story:

A recent change in protocol for police officers in Minneapolis has become a source of controversy. The new rule prevents off-duty officers from showing up to political events in their service uniforms. Many public servants wear their uniforms with pride to various events — political and otherwise — and they’re now prevented from doing so.

In a vacuum, this change is understandable. A city may wish to avoid unintentional images of political bias with service uniforms present at a political rally. After all, protecting a fair and unbiased democratic process ensures that the foundation of America remains intact.

While this may seem like an innocuous change in policy on the surface, the details raise some questions.

Here Are the Contributing Factors:

The announcement of this new policy comes the day after President Trump announced a rally in Minneapolis. This rally is the first one since Dems announced their impeachment inquiry against the president. Having a lack of service members in uniform is a stark change in tone when compared to previous events.

John Elder, a police spokesman, had this to say about the city’s decision:

The uniform gets translated back to the average person as someone being from the police department. It’s very confusing for people when they see someone in uniform to understand the difference between the city and the federation.

-John Elder

Trump speaks to and connects directly with police officers on a regular basis as well as through his policies. He has appeal with the police and the Left knows it. The Democrat city of Minneapolis claims their new policy is to prevent unintentional bias, but the timing is all too convenient.

Many members of the Minneapolis police force want to show that the police stand with the president, even if they can’t wear their uniforms, so they created a new shirt to wear specifically for the Minneapolis rally.

While wearing this shirt isn’t quite the same as showing up in uniform, it certainly gets the message across without breaking any other city laws.

Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign has been a huge success thus far. In spite of baseless attacks against the president by Dems, support for Trump’s re-election continues to rise. However, sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference between a simple change in policy and indirect suppression of political expression.

Poll: Is the Minneapolis PD Ruling Politically Motivated?

94% Voted Yes

6% Voted No

What Do You Think?

Do you think this new Minneapolis law is politically motivated or was its timing simply a matter of coincidence?

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