Poll Results: Is Steve King Racist?

Is Steve King Racist?
Is Steve King Racist?

Here’s the Background Story:

Republicans continue their struggle for the majority in the house while Iowa seems to continue its trend as a red state. Here, Rep. Steve King is up for reelection in 2020 and no less than three Republicans are running against him. However, he made some controversial remarks recently that may endanger his chances.

Those against King claim he’s a racist. They’re extrapolating this judgment based on his interview with The New York Times, in which King questioned why the terms “white supremacist” and “white nationalist” are now considered offensive.

Here Are the Contributing Factors:

King doesn’t think so. When speaking to reporters, who questioned his remarks, all he said was, “I have nothing to apologize for.”

But King’s peers don’t necessarily agree with him. There is bipartisan condemnation of his opinions around race and white supremacy. Several of his colleagues have publicly called for his resignation over the issue. In the House, both sides rebuked King for the comments. He’s been indefinitely removed from committee assignments, too.

Steve King isn’t deterred by the loss of oversight. Democrats control the House, and in his eyes, a seat in the House doesn’t mean much. Speaking to the removal, he said, “If there’s ever going to be a time not to have committee assignments, this… is the time.”

This Is What Other People Think:

Poll: Is Steve King Racist?

19% Voted Yes

81% Voted No

What Do You Think?

He continued on to assign blame for our country’s problems on the “elitists.” He warned people not to let them in and dictate who represents us in Congress. The real threat is clear in his mind – but is he right, or is he a radical?
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