Poll Results: Is Congress Doing a Good Job?

Is Congress Doing a Good Job?
Is Congress Doing a Good Job?

Here’s the Background Story:

We polled thousands of Americans to find out whether or not they thought Congress was doing a good job. As direct representatives of the people, it’s important to know whether or not they’re actually performing as “we the people” expect them to. We’re pretty sure we know what the answer is, but only the end poll results will tell for sure.

Here Are the Contributing Factors:

The American system is one of checks and balances. The point of such a system is that no one branch of government has too much power. Instead, all of the branches must work together to try and do what’s best for the people they each represent. Many citizens feel that their own representatives aren’t doing their jobs, while others are happy to get the results they think are best. But as a whole, is Congress doing what it is in place to do?

This Is What Other People Think:

Poll: Is Congress Doing a Good Job?

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What Do You Think?

Those results didn’t surprise us much, how about you? We really want to know how you think congress is doing. Leave a comment below to have your voice heard.