Poll Results: Is Christianity Under-Represented in the Media?

Poll: Is Christianity Under-Represented in the Media?
Poll: Is Christianity Under-Represented in the Media?

Here’s the Background Story:

Media outlets that promote Christian values do exist and are very relevant, even if they’re not on the scale of Hollywood. Christian book stores, radio stations, and film producers are abundant, ensuring that the Christian voice is heard – at least to some extent. But flipping through TV and Netflix programs? That often seems to tell a drastically different story.

Today, we’re curious about how you feel about Christianity in the media. Are Christian voices well-represented, or do you feel like more Christian-centric media is needed?

Here Are the Contributing Factors:

We bring up this topic in light of the achievements of a new streaming series about the life of Jesus. Matthew Faraci, the executive producer of “The Chosen” put the series’ future into the hands of crowdfunders with little expectations. He ended up shattering the record for the most crowdfunded film or TV series in history with over $10.3 million in support. “Mystery Science Theater 3000” previously held this record at $5.7 million.

Nearly 15 million people viewed the pilot episode of this new show alone. Clearly, there is a huge demand for religious films, but “The Chosen” seems like more of an anomaly than anything else. Can you remember the last Hollywood blockbuster that was based around Christianity?

There are a few: “Passion of the Christ” for example, and “The Bible” on Netflix both achieved relative popularity.

Faraci’s new show is an accomplishment; he deserves credit for it. But the fact that there are so few options for Christian watchers begets an important question. Why should the people have to fund a show in such high demand? Christian media outlets fill the void left by pop culture and traditional film industries, but it’s hard to say whether it’s really enough.

This Is What Other People Think:

Poll: Is Christianity Under-Represented in the Media?

93% Voted Yes

7% Voted No

What Do You Think?

The Chosen” is proof that people all over the world want to see more Christian-themed movies and television shows. Perhaps in the near future, Hollywood will rise to the occasion and begin supporting this important theme.