Poll Results: Have You Put Off Medical Treatment Due to Costs?

Poll: Have You Put Off Medical Treatment Due to Costs?
Poll: Have You Put Off Medical Treatment Due to Costs?

Here’s the Background Story:

It’s no secret that Big Pharma and the average American don’t see eye to eye. While the medical industry in general is built on staggering profits, the people it serves sometimes go without because they can’t finance those profits. When it comes to choosing between paying the mortgage or rent or getting the medical treatment they need, many Americans are putting their health second. What about you? Have you put off meeting your medical needs in one way or another because you simply couldn’t afford to?

Here Are the Contributing Factors:

Comparatively speaking, the American medical statistics are horrifying. While individuals in other countries spend just over $5,000 per capita per year on medical costs, Americans spend more than $9,000… if they have it to spend. Physicians and specialists in America make almost twice as much as physicians and specialists in other countries. Even nurses make more than $20k over the world average. And the price of prescription drugs? Let’s just say you shouldn’t have to consider a second mortgage or crowdsourcing just to be able to afford the medication that will keep you alive.

Our infant mortality rate is nearly double that of our peers, and our life expectancy is significantly shorter. In other words, Americans are spending more and getting less than any of our peer nations. Many Americans simply can’t afford to do something as basic as survive.

We want to know just how extreme it is. Are you putting off doctor visits because the co-pay leaves you without grocery money for the week? Or maybe you can’t get that testing done, because the cost is more than your mortgage.

From opting for Uber over an ambulance ride to rationing medications in the hopes they can get through just one more month, Americans are sometimes forced to choose immediate needs over long term ones, and they’re paying the price.

This Is What Other People Think:

Poll: Have You Put Off Medical Treatment Due to Costs?

88% Voted Yes

12% Voted No

What Do You Think?

These results are disappointing but not surprising. Let us know how you feel about your medical costs!