Poll Results: Do You Expect WW III in Your Lifetime?

Poll: Do You Expect WW III in Your Lifetime?
Poll: Do You Expect WW III in Your Lifetime?

Here’s the Background Story:

Many Americans are concerned that the US may be heading toward a civil war. But what about something even bigger, like a third world war? The last one began as a result of Hitler invading Poland and France and Great Britain declaring war on Germany. Even today, the impact of Hitler’s policies and atrocities is still remembered around the world.

The media is their best in trying to compare President Trump to Hitler, even though the comparisons are laughable. Does that mean that we can expect to see WW III in our lifetime? What do you think?

Here Are the Contributing Factors:

In the past, trade agreements, the drug trade itself and many other issues had Americans on high alert. For instance, there are many who are great grandparents today who just recently got to see the end of the Korean War, though we pulled our troops out many years ago. Things like this would suggest we are getting further away from a third world war.

At the same time, the Left keeps insisting that we rake our relations with Russia over the coals to make sure there really wasn’t any kind of interference in the US election that landed Trump the presidency. They aren’t making much noise about it now, but at some point, the Russians may feel like enough is enough.

Currently, the only one that is threatening the US is North Korea, who actually agreed to put a stop to weapons testing. But the climate could change at any moment. It largely depends on Trump’s negotiating skills, which are already tying up loose ends and resulting in improved economics and friendly relations.

This Is What Other People Think:

Poll: Do You Expect WW III in Your Lifetime?

65% Voted Yes

35% Voted No

What Do You Think?

Will Trump be able to prevent a potential third world war, or should we prepare for the worst?