Poll Results: Do Americans Expect a Civil War in the US?

US Gets Ready for Civil War
US Gets Ready for Civil War

Here’s the Background Story:

It’s impossible to even live outside the US and not wonder when the next Civil War is coming. Tensions increase on a seemingly hourly basis, as social media adds layer after layer of strife on the shoulders of Americans.
From personal offenses against various religions down to dealings with the world at large, Americans are living under a cloud of agitation and stress. Many Americans believe that it will come to a head in the form of Civil War in a very short time. In fact, one poll revealed that a third of Americans are waiting for the war to start any moment.

Here Are the Contributing Factors:

Rasmussen Reports conducted a survey of 1,000 American voters. These voters were purposely taken from a diverse selection so that all political views were equally represented.
• The report revealed that 31 percent of American voters are expecting Civil War to start within the next few years. They used the term “likely” in their estimation, but this portion of the population is basically counting down and while they don’t expect the first shots to be fired tomorrow, they gave the country only about five years.
• 11 percent see the next Civil War as “very likely” and expect it at any time, They aren’t as optimistic as the 31 percent who gave it up to five years. Instead, they watch the news daily in expectation that the first shots could happen at any given moment.
• 37 percent of Democrats feel that a Civil War is imminent, while 32 percent of Republicans expect one.
• Over half of the people surveyed think the idea of another Civil War in America is ridiculous. They forecast changes to the government (some of which we’ve already seen), but don’t expect that civilians are ready to take up arms in any way.
• 53 percent of Americans were expecting extreme civil unrest during the Obama administration. The fact that America survived that era without a Civil War no doubt came as a shock to this portion of the population. Yet, here we are.
• The thing about war is that no matter how much you ponder whether it’s going to happen or not, it’s not like planning a party. It’s more like considering what might happen and being prepared either way. Even in times of peace, it’s just smart to know how to protect yourself and your property and plan for the worst. This is especially true since natural disasters often bring the same challenges as war, and can’t be prevented.

This Is What Other People Think:

Poll: Do Americans Expect a Civil War in the US?

84% Voted Yes

16% Voted No

What Do You Think?

One of the key differences between a natural disaster and war is that during a natural disaster, your neighbors (even if that means neighboring states) often pitch in and help out, whereas during a war, they might be the very people you’re trying to survive. Are you prepared, either way?