Poll Results: Can Bernie Sanders Earn the Left’s Trust?

Can Bernie Sanders Win the Left's Trust?
Can Bernie Sanders Win the Left's Trust?

Here’s the Background Story:

Bernie is back again to win the heart of voters for 2020 – or so he thinks, anyway. The outspoken leader (who may have had a better chance against Trump) nearly beat Clinton in 2016 but since then, the Democratic party landscape has shifted dramatically. Can Bernie Sanders earn the new Left’s vote this time around, or is his time in the spotlight truly over for good?

Here Are the Contributing Factors:

The Left has been cannibalizing itself from the inside for nearly a decade. Democrats are attempting to discover exactly what they stand for; in the process, they’re seemingly destroying themselves with the hope of becoming united. So, why Sanders, and how does he fit into that plan?

Sanders is an old school socialist and an old white man. Thanks to the Left’s dislike of both of those, Bernie is in an awkward position. Under-30 far-left Democrats don’t really trust him because, according to them, old, white men cannot be trusted.

What’s Bernie’s response?

A citation from Martin Luther King Jr. during his campaign announcement interview on Vermont Public Radio.

Sanders resonated with Dr. King’s sentiment about judging individuals (and candidates) based on their personal ideologies, policies, and integrity — not on age, the color of their skin, or sexual orientation.

The far Left claims that Bernie is unconditionally dismissing the impact of race, age, and gender. Neera Tanden from the Center for American Progress tweeted that rejecting fundamental attributes of a person is “simply wrong.”

Here’s the thing: Bernie has never summarily dismissed how deeply personal attributes shape an individual. He’d be condemned by more than just the Left if he did. That kind of speech could destroy his entire effort to run for president.

This Is What Other People Think:

Poll: Can Bernie Sanders Earn the Left’s Trust?

21% Voted Yes

79% Voted No

What Do You Think?

Maybe the Left is still bitter about Bernie’s success in 2016. Or maybe this is just another example of them eating their own at a critical time. What do you think? Can he win their trust?