Poll Results: Are We Too Hard on Millennials?

Poll: Are We Too Hard on Millennials?
Poll: Are We Too Hard on Millennials?

Here’s the Background Story:

Millennials have many stereotypes attached to them. They’re lazy, soft, job-hopping, demanding, don’t respect their elders, and rely on positive reinforcement. At face value, they sound like the worst generation, but maybe we just expect the best out of them. Are we too rough on millennials, or are they truly not living up to the American standard? Let’s investigate some of our common complaints against them.

Here Are the Contributing Factors:

Generally speaking, older generations often frown on the younger ones. The “greatest generation” rose up from two world wars, so they earned their title. They were arguably just as hard on baby boomers as we are on millennials.

The information age has completely changed the game. The world from the 1970s is radically different from the present day. Technology is changing every aspect of our lives from work to how we socialize. Millennials don’t work the same way we do, but they may not lazy, either. In some ways, they may even be putting in longer hours than we did. Why? Because while older generations are all about getting up early and heading off to work, many millennials work online. That means they can start work any time they want to but may end up working longer hours because their “office” never closes.

Another major complaint is how demanding and “special” millennials are. Do they really deserve special treatment and accommodations? Well, we told them to go to college, and they’re paying higher prices for their education than we did. Now, they want all of the high-paying jobs to make up for their college expenses. Did an entire generation forget to tell children about the value of experience and earning your place?

Much of the younger generation have grown up with broken families. Divorce rates have remained between 40 and 50 percent since 1980. They’re not receiving the same guidance and stability that we had growing up. This coupled with technology has resulted in an entirely different sort of generation, with its own set of pros and cons.

This Is What Other People Think:

Poll: Are We Too Hard on Millennials?

4% Voted Yes

96% Voted No

What Do You Think?

We simply grew up differently than these kids sitting in front of their smartphones every day. Perhaps we really do know what’s best, and they’re just not listening. Are we justified in our criticism, or are we being too hard on millennials? We’re eager to know what you think about the future of our country.