Poll Results: Are There More than 2 Gender Options?

Are There More than 2 Gender Options?
Are There More than 2 Gender Options?

Here’s the Background Story:

Over the last decade or so, we have seen a rise in debate over something we didn’t see coming: the existence of gender. On one side, we have the group who firmly believes that only two genders exist. On the other, we have a group who believes that the potential for gender options is limitless or even meaningless. Both sides struggle to convince the opposing team to change their mind, whether it’s based on facts, feelings, or opinions. What do you think? Should there be more than two gender options?

Here Are the Contributing Factors:

Most of us can agree that how you view yourself is your business. The issue right now seems to be how others express their views on how you see yourself. This concept has taken such a strong foothold that social media accounts on sites like Twitter are getting banned for using the “wrong” pronouns. They don’t care if you gave birth to the person and powdered their genitals from the get-go. If that person wants to call themselves by the opposite gender, you’ll be penalized for not doing the same.

No matter what your opinion is, we think it’s important to clear up some hard, firm facts.

Sex is not gender. Sex is the organs and reproductive system you were physically born with and while the Left would have you believe that has nothing to do with gender, they are incorrect.

Gender is indeed how you see and view yourself as well as how society sees and views you, regardless of your reproductive organs. But science still rules and for the most part, at least some of what people perceive as their gender is based on hormones. And hormones won’t be ignored. They are the reason that men run to check the calendar when they come home to find their women with that wild-eyed look in search of chocolate. They are the reason that young men are grateful for desktops that are firmly secured to the desk in their high school classrooms.

Can sex and gender be at odds with each other? Absolutely, and pretty much no one is debating that fact. There are even those who are born with both reproductive systems.

But does all of this mean that society at large should bow to the will of a population whose physical traits may be at odds with their mental traits? And what about those who have gone through the entire process of transforming their bodies to match their minds, then later regretted the decision so badly that they ended up suicidal?

And perhaps most importantly, should there be more than one gender listed on medical and birth records? None of these things are the business of the general public, but they can be catastrophic in the medical field. What does a medical professional do when someone lists themselves as a man, but is or was physically a woman, when they come in with serious abdominal pains due to ovarian cancer? Or what about the ones who list themselves as women in the ER but are struggling with prostate cancer unbeknownst to them because the doctor looked at their forms and didn’t know they even had a prostate?

Is the solution really to have multiple gender options or “unknown” when such statuses can cause so many medical problems? Or can’t we consider something more revealing, like an option for “gender and sex conflicted?”

This Is What Other People Think:

Poll: Are There More than 2 Gender Options?

6% Voted Yes

94% Voted No

What Do You Think?

Are Liberals pushing a gender agenda? Are there really more than two? Let us know your opinion.