Poll: Are Protected Classes a Form of Censorship?

Are Protected Classes a Form of Censorship?

Here’s the Background Story:

Many modern intellectuals are referencing George Orwell’s “1984” as more than “a possible future” — they think it’s already happening. We’re witnessing the restriction of speech on college campuses under threat of expulsion or violence from other students. These troubling regulations that erode our rights are being passed under our noses.

Here Are the Contributing Factors:

Protected classes are groups of people who receive special protection by law. These classes include race, religion, sex, age, genetic information, national origin, and others. They were initially created under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and have received additions over the years. New York recently added transgender individuals to their list of protected classes.

Traditionally, protected classes were meant to protect individuals from unfair discrimination in the workplace (and some other situations). Employees cannot discriminate or deny employment based on any criteria that falls under a protected class. The Left claims that’s all the legislation is used for. Good intentions don’t always pave a road to good places.

Facebook’s content moderation policies are inspired by the idea of protected classes. In truth, their policies are downright confusing. Here’s what we do know: Facebook uses the traditional criteria of protected classes as a starting point. The full umbrella of attributes includes appearance, occupation, political affiliation, and social class to name a few.

What are the ramifications for breaching their code of conduct? Facebook deletes content they deem as offensive or hate speech. We don’t know how draconian they are with their moderation but make no mistake; this is censorship. Facebook is moderating posts made by individuals even if they’re outside of a workplace setting. The estimated number of posts removed this way per week is in the tens of thousands.

This Is What Other People Think:

Poll: Are Protected Classes a Form of Censorship?

97% Voted Yes

3% Voted No

What Do You Think?

Other digital platforms are already banning users left and right for violating their terms of service. Twitter suspended 70 million accounts per month in 2018. Patreon dropped over 20 percent of their user base, banning content creators that don’t align with their vision. Now Facebook is moderating posts based on actual legislation originally intended to prevent undue discrimination. What’s next?

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