Poll: Are Older Generations Getting in the Way of American Progress?

Poll: Are Older Generations Getting in the Way of America?

Here’s the Background Story:

Generational divides have always existed in America. The Silent Generation (those born between 1925 to 1945) and the Baby Boomers (1946-1964) had an ongoing feud. The previous generation believed that the Baby Boomers were too soft and acquainted with peace, while the Boomers thought the Silent Generation was too stuck in their ways.

A similar dynamic can be seen in modern-day American between the Baby Boomers and Millennials/Gen Z (1980-late 90s and late 90s-2010s respectively). Boomers believe that the younger generation is too soft and self-entitled, while the young ones blame the majority of modern-day problems on Baby Boomer policies. Of course, these are generalizations and not indicative of everyone’s belief.

However, there’s an increasingly growing resentment against the Baby Boomers among young Americans, which seems to be unprecedented.

So, this begs the question: are older generations getting in the way of American progress?


Here Are the Contributing Factors:

There’s no doubt that America faces many problems. Homelessness, immigration, the rise of socialism and the discarding of traditional values are among them. With that said, nothing is perfect and America has always taken steps to further improve upon everyone’s socio-economic status.

According to the younger generations, there are even more problems they believe they have inherited from Baby Boomers. These include global warming, wealth inequality and undue social pressures. They believe that Baby Boomers, or “Boomers” for short, created more problems that they didn’t know how to solve, which were then unloaded onto the Millennials/Gen Z.

While there is an element of truth when it comes to inheritance in general, the youngest generations seem to feel justified in a particular framing. Their framing says that Boomers (metaphorically) dumped an overwhelming amount of garbage onto their lawn and then told them to clean it up alone. Millennials and Gen Z’ers feel that there is too heavy a burden that they are forced to bear.

In addition to this burden, they also believe that Boomers are out of touch with the realities of America’s status. This perception of older generations led to the now-pervasive sentiment and meme “ok Boomer.” It’s a way to dismiss the viewpoint of anyone from an older generation under the guise of simply being out of touch with the world and modern culture.


Younger Americans’ idea of having Baby Boomers step aside may not be completely unfounded as Millennials now make up the majority of the workforce. Even former President Obama is buying into this sentiment. At a recent leadership event in Singapore, he stated:

“If you look at the world and look at the problems it’s usually old people, usually old men, not getting out of the way… It is important for political leaders to try and remind themselves that you are there to do a job, but you are not there for life, you are not there in order to prop up your own sense of self-importance or your own power.”

Poll: Are Older Generations Getting in the Way of American Progress?

1% Voted Yes

99% Voted No

What Do You Think?

Are older generations truly out of touch with American culture and getting in the way of our nation’s progression? As polarizing as it may be, this topic is certainly worth having a discussion about.

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  1. He already took his responsability in the matter! You can lead the horse to water but you cant make it drink the water. These days kids spend more of thier time with people other than parents.

  2. I feel somewhat pissed off at the generation we beautiful “Boomers” raised. Disappointed is more the word. Why is that you may ask?
    I have a 34 1/2 year old son who still lives at home. So does my 37 almost 38 year old daughter.
    The difference between the two is that while neither pays me rent, my daughter not only buys 85% to 90% of the groceries, pays for cable/internet and our cell phone bill expediently and without complaint or boast.
    My son has to be constantly cajoled and reminded to even help me with at least half of the combined water bill and energy bill. He never replaces any of the food he devours, takes lengthy showers, uses up all the towels along with his child who lives with us 80% of the time. Her mom is another sorry tale of woe.
    He still owes me for February and March is due next week!
    So many of his generation are semi deadbeats like him, to full deadbeats looking for a free ride.
    Some would say it’s my fault. Sure it is. But it’s not entirely my fault. It’s his too. Mostly his. 90%!
    He chose to be this way much as my daughter chose to be the way she is!
    To this free ride seeking generation who embrace socialism, “You will see how bad socialism is after you live under it for a little while. You’ll see when you long for capitalism. You’ll understand what we were telling you”. We being those baby boomers who weren’t hippies, yippies and socialists. The ones who love the United States of America and are willing to die for it and who believe in the Bill of Rights and Jesus Christ, which are bigger than ourselves or Our own self interests.

    • He already took his responsability in the matter! You can lead the horse to water but you cant make it drink the water. These days kids spend more of thier time with people other than parents.

  3. I watched carefully as the younger generation grew into adulthood. If they are honest, they will admit that what they thought at 18 and 20 is vastly different from what they thought at 35 and 40. They did not suddenly become smarter, they grew and changed because they obtained experience! They learned what it meant to do the things we boomers were expected to do so much earlier than them. I grew up working long before my peers but by 16-18 they had caught up with me because their parents taught them well. Now those lessons aren’t learned until the late 20’s/early 30’s, sometimes not until the early 40’s, and sadly far too many never learn them at all. No one political point of view works if applied 100%, but the best political system for all the ages has been capitalism combined with care for others. This new generation thinks they know everything at such an early age and without any experience. Perhaps the worst part of it as that they are unwilling to listen to those of us with experience. Instead they shut us down, close us out, and think that re-inventing the wheel on their own will make it more round. They believe that what is usually less than 5% of our population is really the majority in far to many areas. We older folks made plenty of mistakes, but we learned from them; now the mistakes are being made without learning. We look to the future, and they see only today. We embraced caring for each other and they embrace growing hate and division. A house divided cannot stand – it is time for all of us to come together to work through the problems of the TIMES, not the problems of the OLDER GENERATION! Blame is not going to accomplish what needs to be done to save civility, this society and this world. It is time to roll up our collective sleeves and work side by side, not against each other.



  6. I sat here and read very ones comments, now I’m going to give mine. There are many young people that have been brainwashed by the liberals but not all of them. I noticed that everyone spoke about our country’s youth as if they had no children (millennial group) or grandchildren (generation z) but most of you have to have descendants in these groups, I do. My children happen to see things the same way that I do. I am a conservative baby boomer. I always taught my children that you have to work hard for what you want. My son went to college, became an architect and paid for the whole thing himself. I couldn’t afford to pay his way and I’m glad for that, I feel it taught him to appreciate it all the more. We put the blame on the younger generations and I don’t think that that’s where the blame lies. The blame should go on the parents that raised their children to expect everything their little hearts desire. These children have been left wide open for the people like the Obamas, the Clintons, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders the Biden’s and Soros to trick and manipulate. Their parents did that. My children respect their elders and have not been tricked and manipulated by these self satisfying, money grubbing tyrants that believe they should rule the world (starting with this country). They are the ones that have put it into the minds of our younger generations that we are the problem. This is where you need to remember back to the 1960’s when we had groups in the colleges that worked very hard to trick and manipulate us as well. As long as Satan exists we will have problems like this. If you will look a little farther back in history to President Eisenhower and a speech he made about freedom and having freedom replace liberty you will see that that was when the worst of the worst began. We also have to realize and take accountability for allowing our government to take prayer out of schools, taking God out of the Pledge of Allegiance, the passing of the legal murdering of the innocents. All these things happened because we didn’t LOUDLY PROTEST to our Senators, to our Governors and to our President letting them know how strongly we disapproved of these things. Now they have made us a big part of these murders because they use our tax dollars to pay planned parenthood for these murders. We can no longer sit back and make excuses for doing nothing, for making statements like if God wants to do something about it He will. Did you ever think that He might be waiting for us to show Him just who’s side we’re really on. Lastly, remember there were a lot of baby boomers that grew up, pulled their heads out of the sand and started figuring out that the Democrats are completely out of their minds.

  7. This article completely skips Gen Xers!!! I know we are a small group but we are here!! What exactly IS “American Progress”? I remember the milk man delivering delivering milk, from the dairy, in glass RECYCLABLE bottles that he picked up the next delivery. I remember soda being sold in glass RECYCLABLE bottles that could be redeemed at the point of purchase. I remember being told that plastic would save natural resources, like trees. Single use PLASTICS was considered “American Progress”!! Conserving natural resources (oil/gas, water, trees, etc) has lead to increased taxation on those products and rising prices because people use less of it. Seems to me, capitalism was working fine until Marxist theory worked it’s way into our politics on a grand scale…. Joe McCarthy was correct!!

    • I remember diaper services or just cloth diapers mothers cleaned out in the toilet then washed in the washing machine and hung out to dry in the sun instead of landfills full of pampers designed for convenience instead of environmental friendliness!

  8. The earth had an ice-age… do they think the earth heated up because the dinosaurs were driving SUVs.

    They have no clue. All we need is one major Mega Volcano eruption where. sun light Can’t gets through the ash we will have another ice age.

  9. Do we even realize that the Progressive Movement gets it’s name from the Progressive Ins. Co. that coincidently is owned by none other than George Soros ! Funny thing huh ? Soros is the richest Commie /Socialist in the world and has spent billions brain washing America’s youth ! This is the kind of putrid influences that are tearing at our country ! Our job as Boomers is to keep trying to teach the naïve Millennials that they will be future elders and they will be giving advice to the youth of the future . God willing they will be better than us but only temperance and knowledge and the experiences of their ancestors will guide them in their futures .

  10. Some of the problems are the fault of the boomers, but not all. Remember the old saying “You shall reap what you sow?” I remember as a boy in school the boomers that were born in the 1940s protested the Viet Nam War and the military people who went there. I can remember the protesters very seldom were content to just hold a sign Make Love Not War. They would riot and destroy private property and set off home made bombs and fire bomb cops and private property. All in the name of peace. Those flower power fools also threw crap and pee at soldiers returning from Viet Nam. And there were also the civil rights riots. Some of that was caused by the fact that the Civil War had been over for 100 years and blacks were still being treated as second class citizens. An unfair draft was also partly to blame. And the Marxist wing of the democrat party began to destroy the democrat party in 1968, which now the Marxist own the democrat party. Just look at the type of people from that generation. The Clintons, Pelosi, Waters, Warren, Bernie, Biden, Steyer, ect..ect..ect. But when my grandmother was still alive, SHE would point out the failures of HER parents generation. My point is that there will always be a generation gap between young and old. But with today’s youth trying to silence anyone who disagrees with them using force and having books removed from libraries and censoring TV and radio broadcast that don’t fit their phony reality, It looks to me they are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. Youth calls everyone Nazi, but if they would read and study history, THEY are the ones acting the same way the Nazis did in the 1920s up to 1945. They are so stupid they refuse to admit Nazi was slang for the National Socialist German Workers Party. The fascist ran Italy and were allied to the Nazis along with Japan’s Imperilist. The very thing today’s youth embraces (socialism and communism) is what the boomers and their parents fought and died in wars against such tyranny. AOC is a direct result of the Clintons and Pelosi and the rest of that garbage. But not all boomers are like the ones who destroyed and now run the democrat party.

    • Semper Fi brother,

      To all the young people younger than us read your history “Google it” go back a hundred years and see where the Democrats started all this and follow it up through the 60s and up to now don’t let your brains be damaged by the corrupt Democratic Party you don’t want socialism or any kind of ism they all fail and they destroyed countries. Look what happened in Venezuela and now in Hong Kong and look what happened to Syria and their people and Iran those people are protesting their government and their government is killing them do you want that here in America now or ever please wake up Young America or that’s what you’ll have to look forward to and live with.

    • I couldn’t agree more: I also remember a wood burning stove in the kitchen and the living room: preserving fruits and vegetables every summer (from our own garden) butchering hogs, chickens, rabbits and beef in order to feed the family. As a member of this so called “silent generation” otherwise known as DEPRESSION BABIES, we learned to be up at 6AM and help with the milking, feeding the chickens and helping our mother get lunches ready for all to take to school or work. We washed clothes on a wooden “wash board” and hung them out to dry on a line behind the house. We attended church twice on Sunday and Wed night: Sunday was FAMILY DAY. Smoking and alcohol was not allowed; not even hard cider. We learned the value of honest work and accompanying rewards early and it has sustained me thoughout. THIS CURRENT GENERATION??? If we ever lose the power grid, this bunch will panic and end up starving to death: THEY HAVEN’T GOT A CLUE HOW TO SURVIVE WITHOUT A CELL PHONE AND ELECTRICITY. SORRY STATE OF AFFAIRS, BUT IF COMES TO THAT, I WILL SURVIVE AND SO WILL MY FAMILY BECAUSE I KNOW, AND HAVE TAUGHT MY CHILDREN, HOW TO SURVIVE IN AN EMERGENCY….my grandchildren are a different story….they won’t survive. Sad state!!!

  11. Millennials are poorly raised… period!!! Given things free as youths now when their of age they want the continuation of freebies like college tuitions health care smart fones wealth fare get paid to stay home be paid equal to bill gates & warren buffet etc etc !!! On top of that mommy n daddy aka helicopter 🚁 parents pushed sensitive feelings onto their kiddos.. it’s sickening 🤮🤬 … a neighboring parent complained about her teenyboppers miss using her belongings & mentioned she never did that to her parents or a whipping takes place, so I asked her why she don’t continue the heritage she said she didn’t want to raise her kids that way so I told her there’s ya problem…….so yeah the millennials do think we are in the WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. The older generation is actually saving America and freedom from becoming a Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party one world Government. When the older generations are gone so will the America dream of freedom and opportunity. Americas will become dependent slaves of the progressive socialist communist fascist racist Democrat Party. This will be the beginning of the one world Government with no turning back.

  13. They haven’t seen most of the stuff they want fail. We have. I wasn’t near as smart as I thought I was and they are the same.

    • While the younger generations can have some great ideas, they ignore the wisdom gained by the older generations at their peril. I am 80 years old and certainly hope I am open to ideas of the younger folks, but I expect them to be open to their ideas sometimes being pure hogwash and maybe dangerous for the country. Their 25-30 years of living just cannot compare to the greater wisdom they will have, hopefully, after 80 years of living. But to gain that wisdom they must be open to learning from those having already traveled that path. Thry are our future and we want them to be intelligent, critical thinkers, not easily swayed or manipulated by others, and, above all, we want them to be independent citizens, hardworkers, expecting no handouts, always contributors not users.

  14. I honestly believe that the younger generation lacks basic common sense,not knowing what multitasking is . Example , I Let the dogs out to poop as I am taking the trash can to the street and checking the mail box and getting phone charger& ladder out of my truck all in less than 3 minutes and making one trip.
    Another example , Common since and most important HAVE A FREAKING SAVINGS ACCOUNT ! Do NOT live from pay check to pay check , Nothing sounds so stupid as hearing someone say Quote ” I Get Paid on Friday. ” My parents threw me out when I was 16 and I was still in High School had no job and very little money .That was a WAKE UP CALL I will never forget. Perhaps made me work my ass off ever since that day .I don’t have patients for fools who want help themselves !

    • Patience. Shame on your parents for throwing you out before your education was completed. And the boomers did not create the world they had to live in. The earlier generations did that. We all have to make the best out of what we have been given, and try to build on it, and improve it. Today’s young ones do not accept as fact everything they are told. Skepticism is the legacy of the boomers, who opened up the world’s eyes to critical thinking.

  15. A SNOWFLAKE asked me how I wanted something, I said half a dozen one six the other this smart kid didn’t even know what that meant. She asked me what that meant, I told her break it down what is half a dozen? Ok you have six and a half a dozen what do you have? She said it’s equal. I
    Asked her how she came to that conclusion. She said,”I made a deduction.” I said congratulations, you just used your brain. Now keep doing that. Everyone has a brain it’s up
    to them to use it. These kids are soo smart.

    • I bought a pretzel at Annie Anns. The bill was $5.14. I gave the young man behind the counter $5.25. He looked at me, looked at the money, called his manager over (also young) and stated She gave me to much money and I don’t have a button on the register for that, what shoukd I give her in change…the manager said IDK. I gently leaned in and told the nice youngster “my change is $.11 cents”. He asked me to wait so he could go get his phone and use the calculator to reach….THE CORRECT CHANGE. 10 minutes later..he handed me $.11 cents. Scary. Just sayin.

    • The degradation of the education system is designed for the young to do what they are told, believe what they are told and don’t think. My History tests in 2nd year of high school. Trace the development of the British empire from 1500 through 1700. Name people and actions. WHY THEY DID IT AND WHAT WAS THE OUTCOME. Try to do that without thinking. Today its multiple guess, not multiple choice. Teach students how to guess. If you don’t know, pick #3. When I talk to a friend’s teens about current events and why they happen, the effect they have, they are amazed. Hoping they learn to look beyond what is shown to them.

  16. These (children -kids) simply DON’T understand. It was their parents who put them thru posh colleges,the older generation with which they want to do away went to school a on their dime to get an education. When I went to school, it was without heat and air, I had to walk, I still have a deep scar on my leg because the stairs were missing a step, but we weren’t allowed to say anything if we wanted an education.
    They don’t know how cruel life can be I pity them.

  17. When I was younger I thought like a child and behaved like a child, but, as I grew older I became a lot more responsible for my actions, and for my children’s actions as a Military Wife and mother, Our base housing depended on it! ( disrespect of others, fight with other children could make us loose our base housing. Our children grew up respecting their elders, it was always ‘ yes sir, yes mam, to their dad and I and to other adults as well! Today, I cringe seeing the blatant disrespect these younger generations have for us, baby boomers, they do not use their brains at all, the strange thing is; they have the use of modern technologies that we and our children did not have, why can they use their brain, to do some simple research, look up “Socialism” for instance and that should give them a good idea of what socialism is all about! The laziness of the youngest generations scare me!! May G-d still protect America from the threat within….( I know, I am expecting a Miracle!!)

      Think abt it? ………….. what now?

  18. It amazes me how damned much smarter than everyone else the likes of AOC are.
    Socialism has been tried many, many times. I bet it’s been tried by way more intelligent people than her, yet it has always failed and always will.
    If she and the “Useful Idiots,” like her want to go the way of Venezuela, just go there.
    Don’t destroy the most successful system ever invented by man.
    AOC you cannot make Socialism work any more than those before you could.
    It’s a flawed system.
    Just because you see it as something new and exciting that you think you can make work does not make it so.
    The only equality in Socialism is that everyone starves together. GET OVER IT!

    • pissedoffveteran, I guess you just don’t get it! They know socialism doesn’t work, but, all the disillusion will destroy everything we as a nation have worked for and allow them to pick up the pieces and reinvent the wheel. One world government! Churchills 100 year plan! They were more than halfway there in Europe/Asia. Remember the Euro? They finally realized the only way they will succeed is with the fall of the United States and the end of capitalism. That is their real goal!!!!!!

    • Venezuela is a bad example. Venezuela was the shining star for socialism. The best of everything. Then Venezuela wanted to do even more. So they looked to the US to develop their oil. In goes Exon and shell. Venezuela’s production grew. But Venezuela wasn’t getting the revenue they expected. ( creative accounting) and then the oil companies were interfering in politics to hide their profits. The only choice Venezuela had was to nationalize the oil industry. In order to support the oil companies, the US retaliated with embargoes, armed guerrillas in Venezuela and Colombia. Paid Columbian guerrillas to war against Venezuela. Venezuela was almost helpless to defend itself. The US cut off food, medical supplies and any other type of support. Venezuela is a victim of American greed. The US is still seeking vengeance on Venezuela.

    • Socialism has been tried over and over again, and there is a reason it never catches on! Think about it. Read your History of the entire world, not just the USA. It NEVER works. Snowflakes do not have a clue how things really are, and are hanging onto fantasy ideals that have never been enacted or truly worked.

    • Likewise! Along with AOC, Omar, Talibe, Hillary and the list goes on and on. I believe that the demonrats have been working towards a socialistic / communist regime for decades. All for power, money and having total control of American citizens. Thats why they now want open boarders, and are trying to dismantle our first and second amendment rights etc… This will eventually lead to ripping the constitution into pieces. They haven’t the first clue how the average citizen lives, as they sit high on their thrones. At least thats how they see themselves, along with being far more intelligent, superior, and as they see us, the deplorables of OUR country. “The eminence front, its a put on.” The f***ers work for us. Thats the only reason they have that job. Unfortunately they forgot that

    • If anyone has the right to be pissed off, its you. Thank you for your service, and sacrifices to defend OUR country. Along with you and many others, we’ll stand our ground. “No surrender no retreat”. We need to organize our own march to show our support of our president.

  19. The older generation still have common sense they haven’t been brain washed by socialist instructors in our school system. Their are a few older socialists that are living off of the government . Hopefully they will be replaced shortly

  20. IF…if you adhere to the “political correct” way of thinking…you have committed intellectual suicide. By failing to think and or act by what you think then you will get what you deserve…more than likely not what you wanted. A lot of the generational members, post “boomers” would really like to see us olden-heimers GO away. Then they could pillage all that we worked and saved for. The boomers have an estimated twenty trillion in retirement and savings. Pelosi and her socialist ilk are salivating and scheming to find a way to “appropriate”…well bull…(let’s just say it) steal it…regardless of the damage to life, Constitution and our Nation. No equality, no justice for all…slavery, misery, starvation and death for the masses. Post boomers don’t know history , civics and or civil responsibility. So go to your safe space, bite your knuckles, wring your hands and change your tampons…you are about to be more than offended…we boomers aren’t going down without a fight….
    so hold onto your cellphone, worry about who you’ll hook up with, try bot to find a real job and just perhaps..if you can think about what YOU can do for your country, not what it can do for you.

  21. In my humble opinion it’s an honor to live in the most wonderful country in the world. We owe the most to those who lived here before we came. Slavery was a dark time in our growth that was eliminated by a courageous President who paid with his life for his decision to end that slavery. It’s time to continue moving forward and stop this hateful and divisive cloud that is growing daily. Don’t buy into hate. It will only poison you and those who you have influence over. If extreme action is needed, it will be self evident. Be good to yourself and those around you. If you can’t reason with someone, walk away. It’s not worth the anguish and frustration. For those who are hell bent on destruction of this republic, know that it’s not going to happen. Respect and compromise is acceptable. Destruction is not…

  22. Every generation inherits good & bad from previous generations, it’s life. We need to appreciate the good, the wisdom, and the mistakes of being human. The upcoming generations will make mistakes also, they are as human as us older people.

    • I think you are making wishful comments.
      I think the new generation is taking this countyr down the tubes to the next Venezuela and not just little by little by complete free fall.
      They will destroy this country and they are two ignorant to even understand it.
      Just listen to AOC, what a dim witted little “Useful Idiot!”

  23. A phrase WE learned in the Army!!! Pull your Head out!!! And get some Fresh Air??? And Stand and Deliver, Hooah!!! Life is and Always will Be??? Seek responsibility for Your Actions!!! See U in Heaven!!! 💡🎥🎬🎴

  24. I left school at 16, got a job, joined the Marine Corp at 17.
    Was the best thing that ever happened to me, I was there when someone had to go in and bring out our women and children from Beirut.
    I was there when we landed with the British Royal Marines to bring our joint women and children from LIbya.
    I spent 21 days 17 miles off of Havana Harbor, with 3#rd Bat 2nd Marines waiting to see if we were going in after the Russian Nukes
    I left there and went to Vietnam in November of 1961.
    Got out in 1963, went to work in a factory in Rockford, Il 9:30 pm to 7:30 am, for six year, going to school days, to get a degree in Mech Eng.
    Screw you punk p ants

    • Like wise,
      You were ahead of me by a couple years.
      I went to Navy in January 1964.
      Served two tours in Vietnam.
      Won’t say where or what we did but it was a bitch.
      My total time in country was just shy of eighteen months.
      I was at the fire of U.S.S. Forestall.
      What a mess, thank you Mr. John McCain, “aka Tweety Bird!”

  25. The younger generation are too soft not used to hard work and feel entitled due to government handouts and deception to pull them in.
    The government is doing it’s best to control and take off.
    The younger generation is looking at promises of handouts and do not realize the price they will pay. Freedoms granted by Bill of rights and the constitution.

  26. Thank God the Boomers are still around to keep the “M’s” and “Z’s” from taking our country right down the slippery slope of Socialism into Communism! These wet behind the ears twits have no clue as to what went into the writing of the Constitution nor why it’s there in the first place. Take this direct quote from Lenin, “The goal of Socialism is Communism!” Sorry, but I’ll take my Capitalist freedom! If you favor Socialism, then move your sorry ass to Russia!

    And, by the way, “Progressive” is just a PC word for Socialist! The end result is the same.

    • Up date:
      Not so far to go now.
      Just a little South of us is, “Venezuela.”
      I was there in 1980’s when it was still nearly a paradise on Earth.
      The shit was just starting and it was idiots like “Clinton’s, Obama’s and the AOC Useful Idiots,” that think because they found Socialism that they can make it work.

      Nope AOC I’m afraid many, many peoople smarter than you tried it and it alwyas turns out very bad.
      Of course listening to you AOC it appears there are many more smarter than you than you think. Almost everyone I know is way, way smarter than you. Or you will ever be.

  27. Young people do t have 1/2 a brain and its corrupted by the propaganda of the colleges, schools and internet. Only thinking people can cause real progerss

  28. How dare Obama make a speech in a foreign country about older Americans. I will not step aside for him or anyone else. I value my freedoms and intend to keep fighting against the Socialist agenda. Obama should shut up and stop giving speeches about America and her citizens. He is an ex President and nothing else and if he proposes his wife to the DNC it is because he wants to get back in power he is salivating for a 3rd term and this is how he plans to do it. He should enjoy his $15,000,000 mansion on the cape and his million dollar house in DC and cease and desist. What a jerk.

  29. We the older generation earned our way and paid our debts we didn’t depend on government or others to take care of us. We worked hard and did not grumble and complain because hard work never hurt anyone. Today the young are snowflakes expect everything when they want as they want it. We are God’s children exhibiting the faith He has put in our hearts thru believing accepting Christ as our Savior which gives us courage, strength and hope that one day we will live with Him in eternity. If you don’t have hope and love, then where do you turn we don’t hate people or want to do harm to others. Through and because of our faith, we help others along the way as our finances permit and support them in their walk through life.

  30. The older Generation, stop voting Democrat, you will not starve, be homeless, Senior citizen Centers are just voting Mills.

  31. I agree with Gideon, rose and joseph….for the last 20 to 30 years the education has gotten worse and the media and tv horrendous in what it portrays to the young….no morals anything goes etc… the older generation are the last bastion of hope for this country and I admire president Trump for all that he is doing to bring us back to a country based on God and moral living….our students need to know about our founding of this country the good and bad that we should learn from …they need basic subjects to learn to read write and spell and debate to learn other viewpoints not just one….it is sad to see how our government, the progressives not, are so delusional in their thoughts and actions and blatant denial of truths from one day to the next…..also we need to hold those of wrongdoing responsible for their actions….God bless America …the best this world has known

  32. I’ve spent alot of time asking the younger generations basic U.S. questions. These entitled SNOWFLAKES failed. Get the hell out of your mommas basement immediately.

  33. It’s crazy to think that my generation is out of touch with what’s going on today in the world. Millenials and Gen-x don’t take the time to do the homework necessary to understand how the world works, they aren’t free thinkers, they are followers, mindless and spineless

  34. The option is genocide of the elderly. How can anyone really want this no matter what their feelings are about the unfairness of being young. My Dad used to tell me that times were never easier than in the 1950’s. Anyone willing to work could be a success. He always said he felt sorry for me and my younger siblings. He has been dead since 2003. I would like him back. People need to think about the fact that getting rid of the elderly will always be with you. The mental issues of unthought through actions will be hard to handle just as many people regret abortions. May God be with us all.

  35. DEFINITELY NOT!!! Older generations have wisdom and experience, both are earned, not bought or learned in college. We have all heard the saying “If I knew then what I know now”. New generations can learn so much from their predecessors.
    Obama is an egotistical, selfish idiot, so is his partner, and they both are making the same statements about letting young people through and lead. Really? What do young people know, and where did they learn it?. I wish they would just shut up and stop spreading their evil ideas every time they have a chance. We know very well the two hate this country and want nothing else but to destroy it.

  36. So why are kids lazy and irresponsible? I blame it on passive parenting. Give a kid a phone and no discipline. Let him play video games all day and loaf with his friends, and he will never learn a good work ethic or a wholesome value system where Christian Character, respect for authority, humility and servanthood attitudes prevail.


  38. one big problem with everyone today is no one thinks about how life was before the written word. the american indian revered their elders for many reasons, one because their stories told their history, as our elders did also. there hasn’t always been books or the stinking internet, at one time the only way our past was passed from one generation to the next was by the elders, even today families like mine lose lots of family history as each older person dies and his part dies with him, few of us over the years thought to record, or even listen, to the stories. from an early age i was mesmerized by my aunts and uncles and grand parents telling of the old days and the life they lived, now is gone and look what we have to show for it now, a bunch of spoiled little pissants that think mom and dad and grandpa should keep their stories and let them play their electronic games.

  39. i voted yes because i want to be a problem with these spoiled jackasses, they allowed obama to almost give our country away, the whine and piss and moan constantly about what they deserve, they live like there is no tomorrow and make up crap like global warming to blame so many things on, no one seems to have aspirations to be the best they can at anything, too many buy cars and trucks that cost more than a home, and todays homes not from the past. and so much disrespect for this country and the ancestors that died so they can be the hateful ungrateful assholes they have become. what sane hard working human being that has a full time job has time to go block traffic and keep someone from working, or the audacity to destroy someones property to have their pet project acknowledged, and very few have any self respect, run around with their nasty ass showing and pants dragging the ground, most of the generation is rude to older people in particular but mostly just rude. and todays generation doesn’t seem to care who they sleep with at all, std is so rampant the government even gives out free condoms in places, and if marriage is even a part of their life its as if marriage itself is gone into as temporary to begin with, changing spouses as often as they do their nasty drawers. yeah and they all know every thing, problem is when you think you know it all you leave no room to learn, and this is what we have to depend on to run this country soon, half ass idiots, ignorant beyond belief , instead of looking for answers always blaming anything and every thing on someone else. God help us


  41. I had to memorize the preamble of the U.S. Constitution in the what – 3rd grade. Mins & Zs don’t know what a preamble is. Nor do they know how to break down words into syllables, like pre and amble. Maybe it’s because the state curriculum is so out of whack. They want to teach kids about – they ask kids how they feel about indians that were given blankets and died from smallpox. It’s like they KNOW the Indians were purposely given smallpox infected blankets. I sure would like to know how they can prove that! If there are any credible documents from that time period stating that the blankets were infected, i sure would like to see them. We were taught they received blankets and we were taught the Indians contracted smallpox from the blankets. BUT, there was NEVER anything asked about feelings because of something that happened some 130 – 150 years ago. It is of no consequence.
    Maybe it’s because i live in CA with all its ultra liberal bull crap which includes study curriculum of ‘feelings’. A student’s feelings has no consequence as to the happenings of something that happened yesterday, let alone something from over 100 years ago. Just stick to the facts and let students individually experience and express their feelings – IF THEY WANT TO!!! It should NOT be part of curriculum. If a student doesn’t want to or refuses to verbalize, you mark down their grades! That’s just plain wrong.

  42. we raised you and you turn on them, shame on you, you got to many things which you really don’t deserve and didn’t work for it, your spoiled and very ungrateful

  43. The older generations and those who have learned from them are the glue holding this nation together. When the guiding concepts espoused by them are discarded this nation is finished as a free society.

    • Agree! The only true Americans are this older generation which they choose to disregard. Even the a-hole whose comment makes no sense, is a traitor, liar and cheat! He gets free education as foreign exchange student. Mocks the presidency by bending over and kissing an enemies ring. Steals taxpayer money to go on lavish vacations (& uses an extra plane for his dog and walker), appear on tv shows, etc. Gives his ignorant wife a $2million salary. Probably sent trillions to his brother to hide. Attended less sessions as a junior senator from already corrupt state than any other useless politico. AND played the race card more than The boxing manager; even though the family that bore him was white, but renounced citizenship! Our Ms Pelosi used her private plane to travel solo, back and forth from D.C. to San Fran daily sometimes (really concerned about global warming)! America, wake up and see where these amerihaters are leading this country…right into the third world!

    • Hey, Lizardman:
      Unfortunately you are right and I think we have passed the point of no return.
      The likes of Obama, Clinton’s, AOC etc will make us the next Venezuela.
      I remember when Venezuela was almost paradise on Earth.
      Many actually moved there. Sadly it was not that long ago.
      I was there in the 1980’s and it was a fantastic place.
      But they had a bunch of AOC, Clinton’s etc who were just starting to get a foot hold.
      By the early 1990’s I was there putting in communications infastructes, Cell phone etc.
      We would instll one day and the next they had bombed it and we had to start again.
      I truly wonder how much of what we built for them still exists.
      Does Cell even still work for them?

  44. More like the boomers are standing in the way of the digression of America. While most of the negatives in the story are true, well, except global warming – that one’s on mother nature – a similar list can be made for each of the following generations who haven’t learned from our mistakes as of yet. Besides, with people living such a long life span now, the population is much older on the average then it was in the past so we ARE America.

  45. We older Americans were taught the Bill of Rights with the Founders statements concerning them. We were taught the history of this nation without the Liberal edits and commentaries. We were taught to think for ourselves and taught who we became and what our legacy would be was determined by us individually and we are responsible for our actions. This is America, you can be what you want to be, do what you want within reason, and what you achieve depends on your desire to achieve those goals. There were no participation trophies, you either won or you lost. Sadly the road to American Male Wimpdom because when the draft ended. The socialist, snowflake youth of today are the result of school systems, college systems and University systems allowing Alinsky/Marxist Socialist Indoctrination to get a foothold in those education systems. Joe McCarthy has been proven resoundingly right and completely vindicated, sadly to our loss.

  46. The boomers were the generation of Free Love/If it Feels good do it, and the hell with tomorrrow, as wll as dependance on a willing Mommy and Daddy well into their twenties, with Mommy and Daddy bailing them out of every type of trouble they got into. It was never “their little darlings faults”, no matter what they did. Teachers and everyone else were wrong, but not their little darlings. Look what we got!
    They assaulted every American value and moral code, and did
    every type of drug with abandon. They did much to destroy this nation as their parents raised them to be self absorbed and entitled, never take responsibility for their actions little people. Bill and Hillary Clinton are the poster children for this generation. Never have, never will care about anyone or anything but themselves, nothing is ever their fault, have no moral compass, and will do anything to advance their causes, all based upon and with the goal of increasing their own personal wealth and power over others. It is all they have ever cared about. The Obamas are another similar case. All these boomers are quentessential grifters. Now we are all paying for it with the current socio-econimic mess that Trump is trying to straighten out.

    A man once called a radio talk program during the Clinton presidency and stated that America will be able to recover and survive once the Baby Boomers are all dead. He was absolutely correct.

    • Excuse me Katie! The M’s and they include my grandchildren, are spoiled, expect everything to be given to them. Yes I am a boomer and proud of it. We are headed down a rabbit hole of epic proportions. Glad I , and many more like me, are still here to VOTE. We are guaranteed the PURSUIT of life, liberty and to try to have happiness. It is not a given. One has to work for it. Snowflakes nor liberals get it. TRUMP 2020

    • Do you understand the concept of ‘generalization’ ? You have condemned an entire generation on the actions of a few. That is akin to condemning all millennials as socialists because of an outspoken few. My husband and I are quintessential (note the correct spelling) boomers. We both worked far more than the standard 8 hours per day to provide for our children and to ensure that they all had an education and good values. We didn’t live off our parents and no, we didn’t get rich through unethical actions as so many politicians have done. Three of our children are millennials. All are self-sufficient and we are proud of them all. Our 33 year old is in bio-tech, the 36 year old is the sole breadwinner for his family of 5, the 37 year old is an er rn who saves lives almost every working shift. It is extremely wearisome that the media feeds the frenzy of diviseness in this country. And it is absolutely pathetic that so many are just downright nasty in their comments. Let’s practice common courtesy. It could be contagious!

  47. Rose Weleski, I completely agree with everything you have said here!!
    I was born in 1955 and have witnessed personally the degradation, the sharp decline and the speedy decay of our beloved America!! Our downfall began and occurred when God was removed from every aspect of American life…
    Us baby boomers know how safe, wonderful and beautiful America use to be to live in..
    But no more..
    And it literally breaks my heart
    to see how far and fast our country and We The People have fallen into the tempters snare..
    God please help us and bless us once again is my humble prayer
    In the Name of Jesus Christ Amen

  48. If by “progress” or “progressive” you mean turning this country into a third world socialist/communist sh**hole, then yes… I HOPE I’m standing in the way!!! (And I am technically not a boomer – I was born in’70).

  49. With the socialist Professors who have been on a strange mission to eliminate our past, and those values that brought Freedom into the world, without us “old folks” to try and keep our government going strong and Sane. We know true history. Look to a real history book from the past. They rarely had reason to lie.

  50. It is proven that the younger generation isn’t interested in History. I’m pretty sure that a lot of them have no idea what so ever what the Constitution of the United States says!!! Some millennials can’t even hold a steady job for more then 4 or 5 months at a time.

  51. In many way yes baby boomers have made so many of the problems that the generation now need to take care of. cleaning the ocean for one getting all the trash that has been dumped into. so much of the plastic we use every day we do not need. congress member who have been there 20 and 30 years are not in touch with the needs of AMERICA. they need to go. abortion laws need to change, baby boomers who fought to get abortions legal never meant them to be used as a birth control, it was to save a woman life used in cases of very young girls having babies, rape, incest .

  52. NO NO NO NO NO!!
    Older generations are the people who have the greatest of wisdom, knowledge, understanding and patience of our beloved America and all that it was built upon..
    The younger generations are clueless of what our great nation’s history is and was; and the centuries of sacrifices made by millions of people in order to keep America sovereign and free..
    The younger generations would be very wise to listen to and adhere to to what we have to offer and say..
    It is the older generations who have been there and done that, so we know far more than the younger generations know about the real and true America..

  53. Depends on what you call progress, if it’s the downfall of the family unit of which society is and should be made of, then no we are not the downfall.If it’s some ultra liberal viewpoint that the country owes you something just for being born, so you can sit on your behind and do nothing but cultivate an idol mind, then no we aren’t the downfall.If it’s that you want to call any arrangement of people living in one house in any configuration, a family, then no we aren’t the downfall.But, if you call any of us who can look at these situations and call them what they are and try point humanity to the absolute truth, then yes we are the downfall and proud of it.I am the way the truth and the life, no man comes to the father, but by me.Get yourself some of that and see why we’ve always been great.

  54. There is plenty of blame to go around, but the term “Millennial workforce” is an oxymoron. Stereotypical millennials in the eyes of this boomer are pathologically lazy, emotionally ‘entitled’ victims who are disrespectful toward all which came before them. A generation wide case of NPD as well.

  55. I think it’s pretty damn rich for FORMER President Obama to be talking that puke when he prevented a whole lot of things from taking place, caused a shitload if things to take place, and kissed a whole lot of butt in his 8 years of “leading” the country as he likes to call it.
    His funky looking “woman” is racist and one mutated bitch. Word has it that she may run for President. That’s all we need. Another 4 years of Obama style butt-kissing of Russia’s ass. Maybe Manchelle is so flexible, she can lick her own ass. She hates America. No doubt about that.
    Have we reached a time in the U.S. where soon it will not matter if a presidential candidate loves our country or not? We already see members of Congress who fit this description. Illidan Omar. From Somalia, suspected of marrying her brother to get by Asylum laws, also using campaign funds to finance her “love muffin” piece of meat. No one acting on that. She’s still in office and in the country. Rashida Tlaib is clearly more loyal to Palestine than she ever will be to the U.S..

  56. When you look at the political climate in our country today it would show that we need the “old farts” attitudes and beliefs to help maintain our freedoms. If we oldsters back away and let the youngsters take over, we will find ourselves in a 21st century USSR or a diluted form of that kind of government. Maybe we are in the way, but we need to be to stay free.

  57. The older generation also were taught that if you wanted something you needed to worked for it, even if it meant making sacrifices putting your needs before your wants.By prioritizing your life and making goals for one to achieve, you also develop independence and good self worth. This is the type of values that this generation is not being taught. And because of this, the younger generation does not have near the respect or appreciation for life that they should. They just expect. sad isn’t it.

  58. Older generations invented progress. Progress is not screwing someone in the butt, progress is not turning male children into girls and the opposite, progress is not the denial of God, progress in not same sex marriage. Progress is sending man into outer space….not cancelling NASA as big impostor muslim did. Progress is clean air as the last three generations have already done to great extent, progress is making new products to help the environment if need be, not lying to everyone that we will all be dead in 12 years. The non progressive lefties have tried that for generations and the older generations have caught on to their lies. They told us we would all die from nuclear war, we would run out of fossil fuels before 1980, they told us were were going to have an ice age by the 1990, and right after that they tried to tell us NYC would be under water by 1996. And the list goes on. Just like the impeachment scam if one lie does not work the DEMONrats move on to the next lie. So NO the older generations are NOT holding up progress…the NWO N*ZI lefties of the world are. And if the younger generations don’t stop swallowing their lies, they will be DOOMED by their own hands.

  59. A lot of the younger generation does not respect the knowledge the older generation has. We may not be into technology as much as they are, but we still know stuff.

  60. The younger generation are in
    TRAINING to deal with what is to come in there life and how to COPE with what LIFE throws at you.

  61. We are always going to have an older generation, it’s just going to have to train people to take care of our older generation and report abuse. Also listen to our older generations, they have a lot of information for the younger generations to hear.

  62. It used to be that children were taught to respect their elders and consider the advise of the older folks for their wisdom. It now seems that the younger generation wants and expects to get what they want without having to work for it. I have noticed many are disrespectful lazy and spend a lot of time playing video games rather than look for a job. Do they really believe that socialism is the best way of getting free hand outs? I wish I could tell them that socialism does not pay you very much and our country will end up like Venezuela or Zimbabwe. Those in charge of the money will take from those who work and put the most of it in their own pockets. We would end up with only two classes of people, the rich folks and the poor folks with no middle class.

  63. Older generations invented progress. Progress is not screwing someone in the butt, progress is not turning male children into girls and the opposite, progress is not the denial of God, progress in not same sex marriage. Progress is sending man into outer space….not cancelling NASA as big impostor muslim did. Progress is clean air as the last three generations have already done to great extent, progress is making new products to help the environment if need be, not lying to everyone that we will all be dead in 12 years. The non progressive lefties have tried that for generations and the older generations have caught on to their lies. They told us we would all die from nuclear war, we would run out of fossil fuels before 1980, they told us were were going to have an ice age by the 1990, and right after that they tried to tell us NYC would be under water by 1996. And the list goes on. Just like the impeachment scam if one lie does not work the DEMONrats move on to the next lie. So NO the older generations are NOT holding up progress…the NWO NAZI lefties of the world are. And if the younger generations don’t stop swallowing their lies, they will be DOOMED by their own hands.

  64. Older Americans are trying to stand in the way of the younger generations committing the destruction of America through socialism. The younger generations have been indoctrinated in the public “education/ indoctrination school system, and then whipped into an Anti-American frenzy by leftist professors, while being duped into tasking on huge debts that their “underwater basket weaving” degrees will never qualify them to earn enough to pay off. The Federal Student Loan programs are just another example of how politicians bought votes, and enriched the bankers by offering ” Free Stuff” to an unsuspecting public. In the mean time, the public indoctrination system tells our young that they must get a college degree to have a decent life while shutting down shop classes and music programs that could easily have led students to a more rewarding and less indebted life through learning a trade. There are a lot of doctors who, after paying off student loans, will earn and keep less in their lifetimes than a good plumber or electrician, auto mechanic, or welder .

  65. I am of the silent generation, with morels 100 % for my fellow man. I now witness the decay of morality, in boomers, 50% Xgens 75% millenias zero. It all is because we wanted a better life for our children but lost control along the way.the government can not raise kids.

  66. The younger generation’s minds have been corrupted by the leftists teaching in our public schools. They are no longer taught about America’s positive role on the word stage for generations. They are taught about the “evils” of capitalism and the “fairness” of socialism. The younger generation has been spoiled by my generation to the point they feel entitled and they should get whatever they want because they “deserve” it. My generation (Baby Boomers) has abdicated their responsibility as parents and allowed our children to be “raised” by television, social media and socialist educators. We are reaping what we have sown!! Shame on us!!

  67. Medicare and social security going bankrupt:
    Back around 1970 reader’s digest had an article about that very situation. There’s two parts to this. One if Congress had kept their hands out of the social security funds it would have been fine thru the boomer bulge retiring but everyone knows that didn’t happen. Two if Congress had made a slight increase in both social security and Medicare taxes back then both of those funds would have been fine. I blame the politicians both democrats and republicans on this. Both parties chose to do nothing other than figure out how to fatten their pockets. This is another example of the government being out of touch with the country and reality and putting us 23 trillion dollars in debt. Let them try to budget living on minimum wage without going into debt. They need to get a handle on the debt problem before China calls in their markers and take over this country. Btw I’m one of those old farts you guys are talking about lol 😂

  68. It is a mix! We need Older generation members to save or hold back the young from naivety and their self-righteous, emotional sense of what they “think” justice should be. Yet, we need the younger generation to explore, to think of possibilities and to innovate and experiment and measure that against the accumulated wisdom and experience of their elders. In short, we need each other!


  70. Many of the problems stem from what the younger generations are exposed to in society. Much more erotica, drug culture, etc. than the older generations were at their age. Tolerance for this has gone from zero to full throttle and it seems to be getting worse. Nobody wants us old codgers pointing out their faults, but I believe if we compare the types of TV shows we had when I was young to what we have now, we will see that the content is so poor currently. There was a moral code that parents appreciated being taught in these shows….a good story line from writers who knew how to write…and a simplistic look at life which portrays families sitting down for dinner together with Dad being the family leader/bread winner and Mom being honored and respected as the family matriarch, who had the very important job of holding down the home fort (whether or not she sent out the laundry or did it herself, or has a maid or cook to help with chores or did so herself….she was the boss of her home – the CEO of what happened there. A sacred sanctuary where her children were feeling loved and safe from the world outside. These shows also were not ashamed to acknowledge God or their faith – and often portrayed activity in the church as being a positive, normal and much needed activity in their lives…not something to be avoided. That, folks is the difference – the attitudes that are out there now is NOT progress, for they will reap what they sow….and the old saying goes…garbage in…garbage out!

    • Tv is so bad now it isn’t worth watching. Network TV is for morons today.
      Cable TV isn’t worth the money. I won’t pay $ 100 per month to watch commercials and repeat shows. The nightly news was worth watching. To day I get my daily dose of propaganda on the internet where I choose to read the articles.

    • We we made them the way they are we wanted them to have it easier than we had ….and look what they became.

  71. No i do not think any one generation can make or break, thow i do think socialism is a dead end and has been for every country it has touched open your eyes look for your self

  72. No, the older generation knows a lot about the workings of our nation and we should all be happy to listen to their comments / understanding!

  73. Most of the older generation are definitely not out-of-step with what is and has been going on in the USA for a number of years. Too many of the younger generations have never known real hardship, for their parents bought them too much, and were without parental love and guidance in life.

    This is much more than a “Generational Problem.” Too many older parents did not keep up with what was happening in our school systems across the country, e.g., what was NOT being taught, and the categorization of our children even before they entered the school system. Also, parents being too laid-back to pay attention in the workforce, that their jobs were being sent overseas; what was happening in the work arena when foreign countries began asking questions about the infrastructure of our dams, reservoirs, etc. America was silently invaded.
    These are just of a few of the things why we cry ‘WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE” and we no longer enjoy the freedoms that we fought for!

  74. I feel they could teach this generation lot. There is no honor or respect . This generation expect things. We the older people had more Unity. More respect for our seniors . That was when a family meant something. I was brought up to respect all senior people.

  75. There is need for both generations. The older may have a greater depth of understanding related to many issues. The younger generations may have answers that others have not thought of. Older generations have done certain things the same way for years, but younger are not stuck in a rut and maybe able to put their minds to new and perhaps better ways. Both generations need to carefully inspect and consider both ways of doing a thing, maybe take some parts of each way suggested. This can often get the best over all results!

  76. The older generation as you call some of us managed to love and care for this nation. fought & died to protect her through wars. Many nations have adapted our nation’s constitution for their own. Yes we built school’s to educate our kids, hospital to heal the body and churches to heal the soul the soul. With all this we knew when to say yes mam, no sir, please, thank you, can I help? I am blessed with children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren who total 84. This last year as # 84 was placed in my arms I thanked God that she was health and born perfectly whole. Then I wept for this nation this nation she would be living in with the way it has became.

  77. Younger generation is out touch from my the point of view. They want everything for free. In speaking to many, i have no idea where they were educated at. I paid for everything i have..you need to pay for yours. Grow up and be responsible….you are not all gifted as your parents thought you were….


  79. if it were true ,that the older generation are getting in the way of american progress then that would mean that 80% of of the democratic party are the ones holding american progress back.

  80. Right now the only ones keeping the country moving are the older generation.
    The younger generation hasn’t shown the capability to keep the country from
    total destruction. If they were in control we would go belly up. Not smart enough nor emotionally mature enough to fight their way out of a paper bag. Those on the left are so immature and radical yet most on the right seem to be more mature and capable.

  81. Obummer should talk about getting out of the way- he hasn’t and neither has his wife.
    Ok Obummer boomer!!!

  82. I think its pure bs. The millenials are trying to turn USA into a socialist country. They whine and cry if they are not given what they think they deserve.
    Saying another generation is stagnating America has been going on since America started.
    Instead of blaming, start taking responsibility.

  83. I strongly disagree with the youths opinion. Climate science is not 100%. Which programs do you propose cutting to get the national debt under control. The yoing cry and complain and point fingers so much because they feel entitled because the older generation has made it possible. Be thankful for what you have and quit being so ungrateful.

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