Poll: Are MORE Guns the Answer to Mass Shootings?

Here’s the Background Story:

The El Paso and Dayton shootings have completely taken over the headlines recently. Unfortunately, the country is divided when it comes to finding the best solution to prevent incidents like these from ever happening again. The Left wants to increase gun legislation while the Right wants more guns as deterrence.

The Case for Fewer Guns — More Legislation

Firearm restriction laws sound like a reasonable answer to many people at a surface-level glance. It’s an intuitive concept: if no one has guns, then no shootings can take place. As elegant as this solution sounds in a vacuum, it’s ultimately naive, unrealistic and unaligned with the Constitution.

Criminals will always find ways to obtain a gun regardless of legality; ignoring the law is the entire point behind criminal activity. We’d have to completely remove all firearms, manufacturers and blueprints from the world to keep guns away from gangs.

That’s a hyperbolic example, but it illustrates an important point. More gun restrictions will end up disarming law-abiding citizens while gang members grow their arsenal.

Not to mention our right to keep and bear arms is written into the foundational fabric of our country.

What About More Guns?

So, putting guns into the hands of Americans seems like a better proposal. If a potential shooter knows for a fact that most of their targets are armed, then it’s highly unlikely they’ll act on their violent impulses. A well-armed populace is a form of deterrence, so it seems to naturally follow that easier access to firearms is the answer.

With that said, improving access to guns has some drawbacks. Some individuals are beyond help and will go on a shooting spree no matter what. No amount of deterrence will stop them.

Less restrictive access to guns can also make it easier for potential shooters to purchase a firearm directly from a dealer or through a friend. The details of gun sales legislation are crucial in these circumstances, but it is a point of vulnerability. Additionally, it’s possible that lax purchasing laws might encourage unstable individuals to buy a gun and carry out their violent fantasies just because they can.

This Is What Other People Think:

Poll: Are More Guns the Answer to Mass Shootings?

74% Voted Yes

26% Voted No

What Do You Think?

Legislative details are essential when debating between more restrictive gun policies or improving access to firearms. Setting aside those details, do you fundamentally believe that more guns are the solution to preventing mass shootings?

Tell us your answer and what your ideal gun legislation looks like in the comments below.

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