Political Correctness Hits the Army

Political Correctness Hits the Army

(RightWing.org) – The controversy surrounding Confederate monuments and statues has been raging for years. Just last week, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D) announced the state is taking down a statue of Robert E. Lee. (A Richmond judge blocked that move for the time being). Now the Left’s cancel culture is making its way to the military.

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said he would consider changing the name of 10 bases that are named after Confederate leaders. The Army has not supported this movement in the past, so what changed the secretary’s mind now is unclear.

The posts that could lose their names are:

  • Fort Bragg, North Carolina named after Confederate Gen. Braxton Bragg
  • Camp Beauregard, Louisiana which got its name from Confederate Gen. Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard
  • Fort Benning, Georgia named for Confederate Brig. Gen. Henry Benning
  • Fort Hood, Texas was named to honor Confederate Gen. John Bell Hood
  • Fort Gordon, Georgia named after Confederate Gen. John Brown Gordon
  • Fort Lee, Virginia named for Gen. Robert E. Lee
  • Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia got its name from Confederate Lt. Gen. A.P. Hill
  • Fort Polk, Louisiana named after Confederate Lt. Gen. Leonidas Polk
  • Fort Pickett, Virginia named for Confederate Maj. Gen. George Pickett
  • Fort Rucker, Alabama got its name from Confederate Col. Edmund Rucker

These are all very well established bases. Fort Bragg, for example, is home to the elite 82nd Airborne. Is it really necessary to change the name of the post because people are offended by history? It seems like a waste of time and resources.

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