Police With Guns Drawn Ordered to Stand Down

Police With Guns Drawn Ordered to Stand Down

(RightWing.org) – Democratic-led woke policies have limited how police can interact with criminals in potentially dangerous situations for years. Recently, the world looked on in stunned outrage as video footage taken by a Seattle radio station showed police officials appearing to allow a felon to escape.

On Wednesday, January 5, KIRO Radio captured surreal video footage outside its Eastlake studio. It showed Seattle Police officers ordered to stand down after drawing their weapons on a suspected car thief.

In the footage, several officers aim their service pistols at a red automobile driving down the sidewalk. However, within seconds, police backed down, and the car sped away as confused-looking police watched. Seattle Police Sergeant Randy Huserik later confirmed officers had verified that the vehicle’s owner reported it stolen.

Thanks to years of Democratic city leadership, Seattle Police Department policy bans officers from using deadly force unless a suspect has committed a felony involving the infliction of “serious physical injury or death,” or threatens to do so if allowed to escape.

Sadly, policing in Washington on a statewide level took a turn for the worse with the passage of House Bill 1054. The new law went into effect in July 2021 and similarly restricted vehicular pursuits. Thanks to Gov. Jay Inslee (D) and his Democratic accomplices in the state assembly, police officers now have less authority to protect and serve citizens.

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