Police Vandalize Citizen’s Car

Police officers risk their lives on a daily basis to ensure that the average citizen can live freely and safely. They’ve earned both our respect and their authority. However, sometimes the reality of having power over others gets too far into one’s head.

Such is the case with two New Jersey police officers who took revenge on a local man, Ernest Mignoli, that filed complaints against them. The officers vandalized two vehicles belonging to Ernest by slashing their tires. Ernest declined to specify why he filed the complaints but admits to being an “outspoken critic” of the local PD.

The two officers, Stephen Martinsen and Thomas Dowling, were reprimanded for their actions. Martinsen was suspended without pay and Dowling was terminated following the prosecution.


Again, while officers of the law deserve our respect and cooperation, abusing a position of power is unacceptable. Justice will be served to all who deserve it.

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