Police Seize Computer in Murder Case

Police Seize Computer in Murder Case

(RightWing.org) – Toward the end of December 2022, multiple law enforcement agencies secured the arrest of Bryan C. Kohberger, 29, in connection with his alleged role in the November 13, 2022, murder of four University of Idaho undergraduate students. Police officers say the victims, all in their early 20s, died of multiple stab wounds at an off-campus residence in Moscow, Idaho. Officials quickly transferred him from Pennsylvania to Idaho, where he remains in custody pending trial. Authorities recently seized a computer and other items as part of their investigation into the killings.

On January 17, prosecutors for the Superior Court of Whitman Country, Washington, released redacted copies of the search warrant and return of service of the search warrant filed after law enforcement officials executed it at Kohberger’s home on December 30, 2022. Officials filed the warrants in Washington State since the suspect resided there at the time of the murders.

The list of items seized included:

  • One computer tower
  • One unspecified item with a red spot
  • Two “cuttings” from a pillow bearing a reddish/brown stain
  • Two top and bottom mattress covers with several stains
  • Eight possible hair strands, three possible hairs, one possible animal hair strand, and an additional possible hair strand listed separately from the others
  • One Fire TV stick
  • Two receipts from Marshalls
  • One dust container from a Bissell vacuum cleaner
  • One Walmart receipt, along with a Dickies tag
  • One “nitrite-type black glove”

News agencies reported the conspicuous absence of a weapon in the list of items seized. Investigators found an empty knife sheath at the crime scene but have been unable to find the actual knife. They also recovered a DNA sample from it that they believe matches Kohberger. However, they haven’t received the results of a recent DNA test on the suspect yet.

The court documents indicated that law enforcement officials also searched Kohberger’s Washington State University office but didn’t seize anything. The suspect attended the school as a graduate student and worked part-time as a teaching assistant.

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